Hanshin Koshien Stadium|How to enjoy a baseball game in Japan?


What’s the fun of watching a Japanese baseball game live?


The best part of watching baseball at the stadium is that you can immerse in the atmosphere and experience the passion and nervous feeling of both fans and players lively.


Japan is ranked No. 1 in the 2023 WBSC world rankings. At the stadium, you can watch a world top level baseball game. In the game, players will do batting according to the batting order and how the game goes, and it shows the daily training of the players and the team’s strategy.


Cheering style of the baseball game is also “Japan-ish”. When it is the team’s offense, supporters cheer loudly with megaphones to the rhythm of the instruments to the point of losing their voices, and sing certain cheering songs for the certain players. However, when it is the team’s defense, fans will be quiet, showing respect for the rival team which is highly spoken by people from all over the world.


Such an interesting atmosphere can only be experienced at the ballpark! It is highly-recommended for tourists to watch a baseball game at the stadium and experience this Japanese baseball culture.


What is Hanshin Koshien Stadium?


Although there are several baseball stadiums where professional games are played, Hanshin Koshien Stadium, established in 1924, is the first full-scale baseball stadium in Japan.


Hanshin Koshien Stadium is located between the Sannomiya area in Kobe and Osaka Umeda, with a total area of 38,500 square meters and a capacity of approximately 47,000 people. The large-scale stadium was built based on the growing baseball fever at that time. This year, namely 2024, celebrates its 100th anniversary while Hanshin Koshien Stadium is getting even more exciting!


The home ground of professional baseball team “Hanshin Tigers” 


Hanshin Koshien Stadium is the home court of Hanshin Tigers, a Japanese professional baseball team in the Central League.


The team has a long history dating back to 1935, with the design of its uniforms and the team logo remaining almost the same since its inception.


Hanshin Tigers are known for their fans’ enthusiastic cheering. Even those who watch a Japanese professional baseball game for the first time will easily be fascinated with the team once they experience the intensity and passion of fans’ cheering in the stadium. If you want to enjoy the game even more, learn Hanshin Tigers’ official cheering song “Rokko Oroshi” before watching the game and try singing together with the fans!


The holy ground for high school baseball


Hanshin Koshien Stadium is also recognized as the venue for high school baseball games.


High school baseball is a tournament in which representative schools from different prefectures in Japan compete with each other to win the first place. National Invitational High School Baseball Tournament in spring and National High School Baseball Championship in summer are together known as “Koshien”, which is so popular that all games are broadcast live on TV.


In Taiwan, many people knew about “Koshien” from a movie called KANO released in 2014.


Hanshin Koshien Stadium is the dream land for high school baseball players. The games that are played by high school students representing their hometown are a series of dramas whose outcome can’t be predicted, thrilling but moving.


When are baseball games played?


Baseball games at Hanshin Koshien Stadium are held from spring to fall.


Mid to late March: National Invitational High School Baseball Tournament
April to Late July: Professional Baseball Pennant Race
Early August to Late August: National High School Baseball Championship
Late August to Early October: Professional Baseball Pennant Race
(Mid-October / Climax Series)
(Late October – Early November / Japan Series)


The Climax Series and Japan Series will be played at Hanshin Koshien Stadium only if Hanshin Tigers perform well enough in this season’s previous games.


However, during high school baseball games in summer, professional games are not played in the stadium.

How to choose your seat at Hanshin Koshien Stadium?


Here comes the question of how do we enjoy the game in Koshien Stadium?
The following will introduce you the


Outfield seats to feel the frenzy of cheering lively


If you are looking for the best seats to enjoy the passionate cheering of Hanshin Tigers’s fans, right side of outfield seats which are dedicated to Tigers team fans are recommended.


Surrounded by enthusiastic cheers for each hit, you will be excited even if it is your first time to watch a baseball game. Besides, the ticket prices are also reasonable.


Please note that the Left Visitor seats are for the rival teams’ fans only, which should be avoided by those who wish to enjoy cheering for Hanshin Tigers.


Alps seats to watch the game in a leisure way


Alps seats are wider than outfield seats, allowing for a more relaxed viewing of the game.


It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the overall mood of the stadium and the stadium’s tasty food rather than concentrate on cheering, and for those who watch the games with their families.


Ivy seats (first base) and Breeze seats (third base) to get a sense of realism


Infield seats are favored by audience who want to watch the players’ movement and the coach’s instructions more clearly.


Those seats are equipped with backrests and small tables to have a more comfortable experience, which are not available for the Outfield or Alps seats.


In addition to the seats mentioned above, there are other kinds such as Premium seats. Since those special seats are held back by annual reservations, it is difficult to get via general release.


Get cheering gear and support the team!


To join the fans’ cheering, you’d better get official cheering gear for the Hanshin Tigers team. What’s more, plenty of cheering goods commemorating 2024, the 100th anniversary of Hanshin Koshien Stadium, are also available. You can find the goods at Team Shop Alps and Fan Shop right in front of Koshien Station, or at various locations inside and outside of the stadium. Moreover, online shop (T-SHOP, Koshien e-mall) are also a good choice if you don’t have time to shop.




Delicious food only at Hanshin Koshien Stadium


Hanshin Koshien Stadium offers a great variety of delicious food!


There is a wide range of food, from bento boxes made in collaboration with Hanshin Tigers coaches and players, to local Kobe food such as soba-meshi, ramen, takoyaki, yakitori, and udon noodles, among which the most famous specialty is “Koshien curry”, a traditional taste that has been passed on since the opening of the stadium.


Besides, “beer girls” are another baseball culture in Japan. They are stadium staff who cheerfully sell beer and ice cocktails around the seating area. Try to buy one beer from beer girls and cheer for the team that you support!


Learn more about Japanese baseball at Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium


Also remember not to miss the Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium located in Koshien Plus, a commercial facility connected to the stadium.


At the museum, there exhibits items and historical materials about the stadium and Hanshin Tigers. Real images that allow visitors to experience the speed of Tigers player’s pitching, as well as VR videos of Hanshin Koshien Stadium are offered. The museum is a facility that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults especially when there are no games or when it rains.


You can reserve a stadium tour course at Koshien Stadium via its official website, which is a chance to see the backstage of the baseball field.


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Get a VR experience of Hanshin Koshien Stadium at ” BE-STADIUM KOSHIEN supported by STAND IN “


BE-STADIUM KOSHIEN supported by STAND IN lies on the 2nd floor of Koshien Plus is another recommended activity.


It is a virtual batting center where you can experience as if you were batting and pitching at Koshien stadium with the help of the large screen which fully reproduces the stadium.


To visit the homepage for more info

How to purchase Koshien Stadium tickets for a baseball game?


Tickets for both Hanshin Tigers games and high school baseball games can be reserved in advance through the website. Chances are that you can purchase same-day tickets when seats are still available.


Click HERE to get tickets


Convenient to the stadium “Hotel Hewitt Koshien”


Are you hesitating about which hotel to choose? Hotel Hewitt Koshien is the best choice if you plan to watch a game at Hanshin Koshien Stadium.


It takes only 3 minutes to walk to the stadium. Therefore, even if a night game is extended and you get home late, you can immediately relax in your room.


Hotel Hewitt Koshien offers relatively reasonable prices compared to hotels in Kobe Sannomiya or Osaka City, and it has different rooms ranging from single, family to Japanese-style rooms.
The hotel is also equipped with a restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients and buffets as well. In particular, the Japanese style breakfast includes “Kamameshi” that is limited to 30 servings per day and is highly recommended (reservation is required).



3-30 Koshien-takashio-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo [MAP]


3 mins walk from Hanshin Main Line Koshien Station


One of the best sake breweries in Japan! Sightseeing spots to visit with Hanshin Koshien Stadium


Hanshin Koshien Stadium is located in the Nishinomiya area.


Nearby Hanshin Koshien Stadium are plenty of scenic spots. For instance:


・Koshien Plus (Activities, food)

・Lalaport Koshien (Shopping center)

・Nishinomiya Shrine (Every year before the season starts, the coach and players of Hanshin Tigers will visit to pray for victory.)


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・Nadagogo (famous sake brewery)

What is Nadagogo? History, features, and access to the best SAKE BREWERIES in Japan


In addition to shopping malls and restaurants, the famous sake brewery area Nadagogo is nearby. Sake fans should not miss the sake brewery, which offers tours and tastings!
If you have any questions about sightseeing in Nishinomiya, go to Hanshin Nishinomiya Tourist Center in front of Hanshin Nishinomiya Station.


Also, since Hanshin Koshien Stadium is located between Kobe and Osaka Umeda, it is easier to go sightseeing in both areas. For more information, please click the links below.


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