Fun-filled ball park Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium


Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, is home to the Hanshin Tigers professional baseball team and a sacred baseball ground where the national high school baseball tournament is held. The Koshien Rekishi Kan, a museum that brings together the history of Hanshin Koshien Stadium, exhibits many valuable materials and videos that are a must-see for baseball fans.
The exhibition area was partially relocated and expanded and reopened in March 2022. Here’s a closer look at some of the highlights!

How can I get there and how much does it cost?

The Koshien History Museum is about a 7-minute walk from Koshien Station on the Hanshin Main Line.
Admission is 900 yen for adults, 700 yen for high school students, and 500 yen for children (4 years old to junior high school students).
*High school students must show student ID.

First renewal since opening in 2010


In addition to the second floor of the outfield left field of Hanshin Koshien Stadium, the renewed exhibition area has been expanded to the second floor of Koshien Plus, a commercial facility adjacent to the south side of the stadium. In addition to the popular sections of the past, new hands-on content has also been enhanced. Visitors can now experience the appeal of baseball even more.

First, from the [PLUS area] inside Koshien Plus!


The reception counter is located on the second floor of Koshien Plus. Let’s have fun starting from the [PLUS Area] where you will find all the Hanshin Tigers exhibits!

[PLUS Area] Championships of Pennant Race


This corner focuses on the Hanshin Tigers’ championship years of 1985, 2003, and 2005. In addition to the display of the winning pennants and trophies, there is also a showing of a scene of the team raising a torso.

[PLUS Area] History of HANSHIN Tigers


The history of the Hanshin Tigers is divided into eight eras from its founding and presented chronologically. Along with photos and videos of the players, exhibits are embedded in the walls to make each era easier to understand.

[PLUS Area] Great Players Series


The exhibition features photos and videos of the three permanent players and other famous players who have left their mark on the history of the Hanshin Tigers, along with exhibits related to the team. There is also a corner introducing past managers and current players.

[PLUS Area] Touch the Baseball


This exhibit allows visitors to touch baseball equipment actually used by Hanshin Tigers players. Visitors can actually hold in their hands gloves, spikes, catcher’s mitts and gloves used during games.


The dugout rests, a reproduction of the benches before the ballpark renovations, are a great place to take commemorative photos!

Go through the connecting deck to the [Ballpark area]


Koshien Plus and Hanshin Koshien Stadium are connected by a connecting deck. Let’s move to the [Ballpark Area] where you will find an extensive section on high school baseball and Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

[Ballpark Area] Schools Participating in "KOSHIEN"


It is an impressive ball wall with 4,253 white balls embedded all over the wall. The balls are printed with the names of the schools that participated in Koshien.

[Ballpark Area] Great Games Series


Memorable games and famous scenes that brought excitement to Koshien are introduced in chronological order with photos and videos, along with exhibits.

[Ballpark Area] "KOSHIEN" in Manga


From timeless manga classics to recent popular manga, famous scenes based on Koshien are depicted in the three-dimensional exhibit.

[Ballpark Area] Back screen view


The observation area directly below the ballpark scoreboard offers a panoramic view of the grounds. Enjoy the great view and capture it in your pics!

Content other than exhibits is also recommended!

There are also a variety of hands-on contents outside of the exhibition area. Why don’t you not only see but also experience?

Renewed Stadium Tour


The tours that take visitors behind the scenes of the stadium, where they are not usually allowed to enter, while listening to explanations by a guide have been popular for some time, but the content has been partially renewed this time. The tour has been partially renewed, with photo spots on all courses and expanded guided tours and times, allowing visitors to learn more about the stadium.
【Fee】Adults 2,000 yen, High school students 1,800 yen, Children (4 years old to junior high school students) 1,400 yen *Including entrance fee to Koshien History Museum
*High school students must show student ID.

New ballpark experience  AR KOSHIEN Experience


Unlike stadium tours led by guides, customers can now freely tour the grounds and stands of Hanshin Koshien Stadium on their own. Using a tablet, visitors can enjoy AR contents unique to Hanshin Koshien Stadium!
You can take commemorative photos with Hanshin Tigers players, enjoy the ballpark with 360° images, and various other AR contents. (Scheduled to be held after May 2022)
【Fee】Adults 1,500 yen, High school students 1,300 yen, Children (4 years old to junior high school students) 1,000 yen *Including entrance fee to Koshien History Museum
*High school students must show student ID.

Japan's first baseball simulation facility that fully recreates Hanshin Koshien Stadium 「BE-STADIUM KOSHIEN supported by STAND IN」


First in Japan! A simulation baseball facility that fully recreates the Hanshin Koshien Stadium on a large screen. Your hits and pitches are reflected on the screen, giving you the experience of batting and pitching in the Koshien stadium of your dreams.
It is located in Koshien PLUS as well as the Koshien History Museum, so please enjoy them together.
Set of 3 types of tickets (one each for batting, toss batting, and pitching): 1,200 yen
Set of 2 types of tickets (1 batting session + 1 toss batting or pitching session): 900 yen
Toss batting and pitching tickets: 400 yen each
*On long vacations, etc., only set of 3 types of tickets (special price: 1,500 yen) are sold.

Get a taste of baseball history at the Koshien Historical Museum, which has been powered up to become a facility where you can rediscover the allure of baseball!
A new commercial facility, “Koshien Plus,” has also opened to enliven the Koshien area. A total of 11 stores, including baseball stores, restaurants, and a hands-on facility where children can play and learn, are gathered here.
Please enjoy them along with the Koshien Historical Museum!


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