Sumo Entertainment Show at THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA


Sumo is a game in which two Sumo wrestlers wearing mawashi(the loincloth that sumo wrestlers wear is called a “mawashi”) work together in the ring, pushing, grabbing, and throwing their opponents. The winner is the one who knocks the opponent down or throws him out of the ring.

The history of sumo began more than 1,000 years ago, and the sport took its current form between 1603 and 1867. There are many professional sports such as baseball and soccer, but sumo is the oldest professional sport in Japan.

“THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA”, visitors can enjoy sumo as an entertainment show that is easy for foreign visitors to understand. Let us introduce you to the latest entertainment facility where you can enjoy both the overwhelmingly powerful sumo show and bento boxes, a part of Japanese culture.




Professional sumo shows are available in Japan, but the dates and locations are limited, and it may be difficult to catch a sumo show at the right time during your trip. THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA is a permanent entertainment restaurant where you can enjoy a powerful sumo show performed by former sumo wrestlers along with bentos, a part of Japanese culture. The entire show will be performed in English every day.


Doors open one hour before the show starts, so first visit the exhibition area at the entrance, shop for sumo and Osaka souvenirs, and wait for the performance to begin. There is a bar counter where you can drink sake or beer.


The two naked men in the picture are sumo wrestlers, and they are called rikishi. And the place where rikishi compete is called the dohyo.The ring is considered a sacred place and women are not allowed in it, but because THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA is an entertainment facility, women are allowed to step into the ring.


All performers are former sumo wrestlers, and the ring is full-scale, giving the audience a sense of the power of sumo. You can also learn the history and rules of sumo in English. The unique rules of sumo are explained in an easy-to-understand and comical manner.


Step into the ring and challenge a sumo wrestler. Not only can you experience the basic training of sumo, but you can also put on a sumo suit and have a serious match with a rikishi. (There is a limit to the number of participants.)


After the one-hour sumo show, visitors can step into the ring for about 30 minutes for a photo opportunity with sumo wrestlers.

Prices and How to Purchase Tickets

●Opening date

May 30, 2024 (Thursday)


●Performance time
2 performances per day
1 performance: approx. 60 min + commemorative photo, etc. (opening act, first bout, main bout, sumo experience, etc.)
(1) 5:00PM Doors open – 6:00PM Start
(2) 8:00PM Doors open – 9:00PM Start
*When there is one performance per day, doors open at 6:00PM and start at 7:00PM.


●Number of seats
185 seats in total


Tuesdays and year-end and New Year holidays (12/31 and 1/1)


Advance and day of the event are the same price.
All seats, from the front row S seats to the casual B seats, face the ring and are laid out for easy viewing.


S seats – 16,000 yen
A seats: 12,500 yen (child 9,000 yen)
B seats: 9,500 yen (child 7,000 yen)
*Tax included
*All seats include a bento box and one drink.
*High-end, Halal, and vegan bento boxes are available for an additional fee.
*Child 3 years old and up – 12 years old and under (The contents of the bento will differ, so if you want the same bento as an adult, please apply at the adult rate).
*child under 3 years old, free on lap


To purchase tickets, please visit the official website! Tickets may be sold on the day of the event, but we recommend that you purchase in advance as they may sell out. Also, it may be difficult to prepare high-end, halal, or vegan bento boxes on the day of the event.

Enjoy the original food menu!


Bento in Japan has long been a source of enjoyment for audiences, with bento boxes served between the acts of traditional Japanese performing arts such as Kabuki and Noh. Although there are bento boxes all over the world, Japanese bento boxes are characterized by their beautiful appearance, which is very important.


At THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA, visitors can enjoy the Japanese bento culture at the same time they enjoy Japan’s national sport, sumo culture.


The basic bento is a makunouchi-bento filled with yakitori, takoyaki, chirashizushi, and other local Osaka foods.The bento is a colorful and combination of many side dishes in a single box, giving it a Japanese feel in both appearance and taste.

In addition, there are also high-end, halal, and vegan bento boxes to choose from. Beer and sake are also available for purchase locally.


“THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA” is located on the 8th floor of Namba Parks.
It takes about 40~60 minutes from Kansai Airport to Namba area by train or highway bus, and about 15 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station, the closest station to the Shinkansen in Osaka to Namba area by Osaka Metro Midosuji Line. 8 p.m. opening and 9 p.m. performance are available for late arrival in Osaka! A bento box and drinks are also included.
Directly connected to the Central and South Exits of Nankai Railway Namba Station
-7 minutes walk from the South Exit of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Namba Station
-8 minutes walk from the ticket gate of Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line Namba Station
-9 minutes walk from the north ticket gate of Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line Namba Station
-9 minutes walk from the east ticket gate of Hanshin Namba Line Osaka-Namba Station
-9 minutes walk from the East Ticket Gate of Kintetsu Namba Line (Nara Line) Osaka- Namba Station
-11 minutes walk from the North Exit JR Kansai Main Line JR Namba Station (OCAT)

THE SUMO HALL HIRAKUZA OSAKA is Osaka’s newest entertainment spot. Knowing and experiencing sumo culture will make your stay in Japan and Osaka more profound and enjoyable.


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