Stay Time is also fulfilled! Recommended hotels to enjoy Osaka more!


Osaka is full of fun things to do, such as sightseeing spots and famous gourmet foods. To fully enjoy Osaka’s many attractions, such as the hottest activities and eating out, it is important to choose the right hotel! Here are some of the most talked-about hotels that offer not only great locations and facilities, but also a variety of ways to enjoy your stay.


1.Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

Conveniently located near JR Osaka Station and Umeda Station, the hotel is an ideal base for sightseeing not only in Osaka, but also in Kobe and Kyoto. The hotel is located on the upper floors of Yodobashi Umeda Tower, which also houses Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda and LINKS UMEDA, a commercial facility, providing a one-stop shopping and dining experience.


The name “RESPIRE” has two meanings: “rest” to heal the body and mind, and “inspire” to stimulate the senses and bring vitality. The word “RESPIRE” also means “to breathe,” and the restaurant aims to be a place of healing where visitors can take a breath of fresh air, and a place where they can find the energy to take a big breath and start their journey to tomorrow. Although the hotel is located in the middle of the metropolis, it is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the city. The stress-free hospitality will give you a restful time.


9th Floor Lobby


9th floor outdoor garden

The front lobby on the 9th floor is lined with comfortable sofas, and outside the window is a lush green garden, a comfortable and relaxing space where the hospitality of the “City of Water, Osaka” is expressed. We recommend taking a stroll while enjoying the scenery that changes with the seasons.


9th Floor Lobby


Diorama AR guide "MUSUBI"

The lobby is equipped with a diorama AR guide “MUSUBI” that introduces recommended sightseeing spots along the Hankyu and Hanshin lines using AR in a fun way. When you hold your tablet over the large disk diorama, information on sightseeing spots in the Keihanshin area will be displayed on the screen. The searched sightseeing information can be downloaded, so please make use of it.


Double room


Standard twin room

08_respire_standard _triple

Standard triple room


Forth room

The theme of the 1030 guest rooms is “OSAKA Japanese Style”. The design is based on three color schemes that express Japanese textures and the atmosphere typical of Osaka: plum blossoms, Rural, and Osaka Castle. Based on a subdued color scheme, red is used for “Ume,” the flower of Osaka Prefecture, green for “Rural,” reminiscent of the tranquil rural scenery along the Hankyu and Hanshin lines, and gold for “Osaka Castle,” evoking the elegant Osaka and the stonewalls of the castle.


Room types range from double rooms for one person to force rooms, and there are also connecting rooms for five people, so you can choose according to the number of guests. Rooms are located on the 12th floor or higher, offering excellent views of the city.


Separate bath and toilet


Force washbasin


Bath room

All rooms are non-smoking, and all bathrooms and toilets are separate. Forth room are equipped with two washstands, so you don’t have to worry about the hectic morning getting ready time.


Other amenities include the “Universal Triple,” which features a shower stall for wheelchair users to spend a comfortable stay. The hotel also provides a number of children’s amenities, such as strollers that can be rented, diaper pots, bed-wetting sheets, and picture books. This is a child-friendly hotel for families with children.


The concept of the hotel’s Italian restaurant, Grigliato Cuocca, is “Go, eat, enjoy.” Enjoy your meal in an open space overlooking the garden while admiring the garden as it changes from season to season.


The restaurant’s signature grilled dishes are prepared in an authentic wood-fired oven in the open kitchen. For breakfast, you can enjoy a Japanese/Western buffet including Italian deli dishes, and for lunch and dinner, you can enjoy Italian courses and a la carte dishes with a wide selection of wines.


There is a fitness room that guests can use free of charge and a coin-operated laundry that is great for long-term stays. You can spend a moment of quiet healing in the middle of the city.

*The fitness room and laundromat are currently closed.



1-1, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka [MAP]


5-minute walk from Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station
10-minute walk from Hanshin Osaka-Umeda Station

2.Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka


Fukushima, where the hotel is located, is only one train stop from Umeda, the center of Osaka, and about 15 minutes on foot, yet it is an attractive area with an atmosphere that is hard to believe it is right in the city. It is a popular gourmet spot with many restaurants that are popular for their delicious and cost-effective food, and there are also unique restaurants and hidden gems under elevated railway tracks and in back alleys. It is also close to the Nakanoshima area, which is dotted with museums and other cultural facilities, and offers riverside scenery. Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka” is located in such a place, and is recommended for those who want to learn more about Osaka and have a different kind of trip.


The best part is that the entire hotel is filled with “Japanese” design! In the lobby, there is an object of a sunken hearth used in a traditional Japanese house, which adds to the atmosphere. In addition, traditional Japanese colors and patterns are used throughout the hotel and in the guest rooms, allowing you to experience the chic and glamorous Japanese style throughout your stay at the hotel.


At the back of the lobby, there is a photo spot with “revolving Tourou” illuminated by fantastic Tourou lights. It is hard to believe that you are in a hotel near the city of Osaka, but a photo taken in this fantastic space is truly photogenic! There is also a store with Japanese patterned accessories, so you can enjoy picking out souvenirs.


There are two room designs: “Sakura,” which is neat and chic, and “Akane,” which is beautiful and glamorous. In addition to interior decorations that match the image of each flower, kimono obi fabrics are used for design art and cushions, creating an elegant and modern atmosphere that evokes a sense of harmony.


About 70% of the total 254 rooms are compact 15-square-meter rooms with space for suitcases under the bed and a separate washbasin. It is nice to have a spacious bed space. In addition, there are many easy-to-understand and lean innovations, such as the use of pictograms for signage in the guest rooms. This is the perfect hotel for a stay during a trip where you want to greedily enjoy this or that place in Osaka.


Laundry is available 24 hours a day, free of charge. You can check the usage status from the TV in your room, so you don’t have to go to the laundry to check if it is available or if you have finished your laundry!


This “Ironing Room” is also available free of charge for 24 hours. This room is exclusively equipped with an iron and ironing board to clean the folds of packed clothes and laundered shirts. (An iron and ironing board are provided in all rooms over 22 square meters)


Soba Shubou Fukumaru, a Japanese restaurant on the first floor, is famous for its 100% domestic buckwheat buckwheat noodles without any additives. In addition to soba, the restaurant offers a wide variety of attractive menus, from single dishes to courses, including seasonal tempura and hot pot.


Take a break from the city, enjoy the slightly different atmosphere of the city, and spend some unique time here at the hotel where you can fully immerse yourself in the Japanese atmosphere!



5-18-25, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka [MAP]


3-minutes from Hanshin Main Line Fukushima Station

3.OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resorts


“OMO7 Osaka” stands right in front of Shin-Imamiya Station, near Shinsekai, Osaka’s symbolic area, and the symbolic Tsutenkaku Tower. The concept is “I’ll fall in love with Naniwa”. This hotel is the perfect place to experience “This is Osaka!”


This is the first hotel in Osaka under the “OMO by Hoshino Resort,” which operates 11 facilities nationwide, and is a new hotel where you can experience “Naniwa Luxury” from the perspective of “enjoying the city. The number 7 after “OMO” indicates the range of services. Seven services are available here: Special Facility, Restaurant, Café, Buffet-Style Breakfast, Local Guide Activities, GO-KINJO MAP, and Traveler’s Fun Lounge.


“Miyagurin” is a vast lawn square of about 7,600 square meters located in front of the station. With a deck terrace and promenade, it is a place where visitors can spend their free time surrounded by greenery while still being in the city. There are also pavilions dotted around the area where visitors can watch the trains come and go, providing a rare opportunity to relax while feeling the vibrancy of the city.


“Miyagurin” has a bathhouse available only to guests. The ceiling has an open skylight that leads outside, allowing visitors to feel the air and smells of the outside even when they are inside the bathroom. The bathroom, gently reflecting the light coming in from outside, looks like a white different space. Relax in the spacious bath while experiencing Osaka’s bathhouse culture.


There are a total of 436 rooms of 8 types. The 60-square-meter “Idobata Suite” can accommodate up to six people, so families and groups can stay in one room! The living room is decorated with an “OSAKA Board” depicting Osaka’s tourist spots. You can sit on the sofa and enjoy chatting as if you were at a well-wishers’ meeting.


“Corner Twin Room” with two large windows spreading 90 degrees. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Tsutenkaku Tower and the city of Osaka.


The second floor public space “OMO Base” is an open space approximately 85 meters long and 5 meters high. In addition to a “neighborhood map” filled with information about the city, the “library lounge” has bench seating and tables equipped with electrical outlets ideal for working on a PC, allowing visitors to spend time in various ways during their trip. With a selection of Osaka-themed books, it is also a great place to plan tomorrow’s sightseeing.


Dining is one of the most important elements of a trip. Under the theme of “expressing the essence of Osaka’s food, “OMO Dining” offers two types of dinner courses, each with a unique twist on the culinary culture of Osaka, a city of gourmets. The first is a gorgeous presentation of Osaka’s local delicacies such as box sushi and Senba-jiru, adding a new twist to the classic authentic taste, while the second course features kushikatsu, a classic Osaka delicacy that has been transformed into an innovative dish in both taste and appearance. If you can’t decide, stay two nights to taste both!


Breakfast is a buffet of Japanese and Western-style dishes. The menu features a variety of “konamon” (flour-based foods) such as negiyaki and udon noodles, which are essential to Osaka’s culinary culture, as well as “dashi” (soup stock), the key to umami (savory) taste. It is also nice to be able to taste freshly prepared food right in front of your eyes!


“OMO Cafe & Bar,” which can be easily used throughout the day from breakfast to bar time, is also popular. The menu is a must-have, offering a unique twist on classic gourmet items such as mixed juice soft-serve ice cream and takoyaki, Osaka’s soul food, both of which were developed in Osaka’s coffee shop culture!


For those who want to learn more about Osaka, we recommend the “Neighborhood Activity” guided tour. The “Neighborhood Guide OMO Rangers,” who know the city inside out, will guide you through the city’s attractions in depth.


“PIKAPIKA NIGHT” is held exclusively for guests at Miyagurin*. You can lie on the lawn and listen to music, taste takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and craft beer, or spend a blissful time after a hot bath in the pavilion decorated with neon artwork of tigers, blowfish, and other Osaka icons. Don’t miss the unique fireworks display using the hotel’s exterior curtains at the end of the event.

*Offered for a limited time around April to June. Please check the website for details.


OMO7 Osaka is the perfect place to enjoy the whole new Osaka, whether it is your first time in Osaka or you have been here many times. If you are planning a trip to Osaka, why not consider it as one of your hotel candidates?



3-16-30, Ebisunishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka [MAP]


5-minute walk from Osaka Metro Midousuji Line Dobutsuen-mae Station

4.Hen na Hotel Kansai Airport

The “Hen na Hotel” was certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s first hotel where robots work, and is famous for its various advanced technologies that support a comfortable hotel stay.

Hen na Hotel Kansai Airport is a 15-minute drive from Kansai International Airport. It is conveniently located for a stay before or after using the airport, and from the hotel you can see airplanes taking off and landing.


Two dinosaur robots welcome you in the deep sea-inspired lobby!


The excitement begins the moment you enter the hotel.


The hotel has a natural hot spring, Aqua Ignis Kansai Airport Senshu Onsen, which springs from 800 meters underground. The open-air and indoor baths overlook Osaka Bay, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the hot spring while watching airplanes take off and land at Kansai International Airport. The mildly alkaline simple hot spring is called “Bijin-no-yu,” or “hot water of beauty,” and it will soothe your travel fatigue while leaving your skin smooth and refreshed! There is also a detoxifying mineral mist sauna.


A full range of dining options is also available. At “Seian” kyomachibori rikyu, a Japanese restaurant supervised by a Michelin-starred restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of Japanese cuisine that incorporates fresh seafood caught at nearby fishing ports and other local Osaka ingredients. Window-side tables offer a spectacular ocean view.


A diverse lineup of rooms filled with excitement and comfort. The wide variety of guest rooms is also an attraction.


The Robohon Room welcomes you with Robohon, a concierge robot that combines a humanoid robot and a smartphone. Robohon will entertain you by talking, singing, and dancing, making your stay even more exciting. He can even answer your questions about the hotel!


The “Theater Room” is equipped with an approximately 80-inch monitor and high-quality speakers. You can enjoy TV and movies while relaxing in bed.


“Phiten Room” is a collaboration with Phiten, a company that develops special materials containing aqua titanium. “Phiten” is used in the furniture, bedding, wall and floor materials, etc. to support the body’s natural state of relaxation, making this room the perfect place to relax after a tiring flight or trip. There’s even a gold down comforter and a foot massager!


The museum has a bookshelf with approximately 1,700 comic books, which can be browsed freely.


There is also an extensive souvenir corner.


“Hen na Hotel” supports your comfortable time with various latest technologies. Not only lodging and meals, but also a variety of additional ways to enjoy yourself! This is a recommended hotel where you can fully enjoy the hotel life, where you can take your time and enjoy the time spent here itself rather than a hotel stay.



1-23, Rinkuoraikita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka [MAP]

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