What is Minoh Park?

Minoh Park is a popular day trip destination in Osaka. The nature-rich park is as vast as 83.8 hectares. Visitors can experience the greatness of nature through the fresh green of spring, the cool of summer, the autumn colors of fall, and the serenity of winter all year round. Admission to the park is free. The standard way to enjoy the park is to walk around the park on the promenade.

Minoh Waterfall, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Osaka

The highlight of Minoh Park is Minoh Waterfall. It is a dynamic waterfall with a 33-meter drop and has been selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

Every year from mid-November to early December is the season of colored leaves, which attracts many visitors. The red-colored trees and the waterfall are picturesquely balanced in their arrangement! In summer and fall, the area is also illuminated at night for a special limited time. A different and fantastic world unfolds during the daytime.

Access to Minoh Waterfall

Minoh Waterfall can be reached in only about 30 minutes by taking the Hankyu train from Umeda, Osaka, the commercial center of the Kansai region, to the nearest station, Hankyu Minoh Station.

From Hankyu Minoh Station, it is about a 40-minute walk to Minoh Waterfall. After passing through a street lined with souvenir stores, visitors will walk along the Minoh Waterfall Road, a riverside walking path, from the Minoh Park entrance. You will not get lost as there are signs to the Minoh Waterfalls along the path.

Walking along the path while listening to the sounds of nature, such as birds chirping, the river flowing, and leaves rustling in the wind, will soothe your mind and body.


Minoh Waterfall Road Gourmet

On the road from Hankyu Minoh Station to Minoh Waterfall, there are many cafes, souvenir stores, and restaurants. One of the most famous snacks at Mino Falls is “Momiji-no-tempura” (maple leaf tempura).

“Momiji Tempura” is a snack made by dipping edible maple trees in salt, dipping them in batter, and deep frying them, which is characterized by its crunchy, hard texture and sweet taste. Enjoy eating and walking around with a piece of freshly fried “momiji no tempura” in your hand.

Other restaurants include an Italian restaurant with terrace seating along the river and a coffee shop in an excellent location, where you can spend a relaxing time while enjoying nature.


Sightseeing spots near Minoh Park

If you visit Minoh Park and Minoh Waterfall, you should also stop by Katsuo-ji. Located on a mountainside in Minoh City, Katsuo-ji is a vast temple where you can see a variety of flowers depending on the season. The temple is also famous as a “temple of luck,” and “dharma dolls” are dedicated on the temple grounds to pray for victory. Those who want to beat themselves in all areas, including academics, work, and sports, are encouraged to pray.


Between Hankyu Minoh Station and the entrance to Minoh Park, there is the Minoh Onsen Spa Garden, a one-day hot spring facility, and the Minoh Kanko Hotel, where you can stay overnight, so enjoying a hot spring bath after a sweaty walk is also recommended.


Recommended Minoh Itinerary

Here is a model day trip course from Umeda, Osaka to Minoh Falls and Katsuo-ji Temple. Please click the button below to check the details.

Please enjoy the experience that can only be had in Minoh, far from the city.


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