Note on how to get to Minoh Waterfall! Points that international travelers should know before going there


Minoh Waterfall is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Osaka.
Although some people may not yet know it, Minoh Falls is a famous spot selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, and is visited by many people, especially during the fall foliage season.


However, some overseas travelers said that they “exceeded the expected sightseeing time” and “walked unexpectedly” because they could not obtain real information about the area in advance.


In this article, we have compiled all the information you need to know before visiting, including how to get there, how long it takes, and how to get there. Please use it to help you plan your trip!


Minoh National Park and Minoh Waterfall


Minoh National Park is located around Mt. Minoh and is a vast park covered with forests. It is located a short distance from the center of Osaka, about 30 minutes away, and admission to the park is free. The park is known for its fresh green foliage in spring, illuminated at night in summer, and autumn foliage in fall, attracting many casual visitors.


The Minoh Waterfall, located within the park, is a particularly popular tourist spot for its beautiful scenery and has been selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. With a 33-meter drop, it is a powerful sight when seen up close!
It is also a popular destination for people of all ages, with children visiting on field trips and some locals making it a daily routine to take a walk to Minoh Waterfall.

Note how to access Minoh Waterfall!


It is a popular tourist spot, but there are some things you should be aware of.

Minoh National Park is vast, and general vehicles are not allowed in the park.

To get to Minoh Waterfall, many people walk from Hankyu Minoh Station, the nearest station. The distance is about 2.8 kilometers one way, and the time required is about 40 minutes one way without a break. If breaks are taken into account, it should be expected to take at least two hours.
The path is paved, so it is easy to walk, but it is a gradual uphill walk to the destination. There are also steep inclines in places.


Let us explain in detail what the route is like.

Check what to bring and wear before going to Minoh Waterfall

Wear comfortable sneakers and easy to move in, and bring a drink. Surrounded by forests, the park is cooler than in central Osaka. However, it is a 2.8-kilometer walk, so you will sweat a good deal on a hot day. It is a good idea to bring a towel.

How to get to the nearest station, Hankyu Minoh Station, from Umeda, Osaka

To get to Minoh Waterfall from Umeda, Osaka, take the Takarazuka Line (orange) train from Hankyu Osaka-Umeda Station.

The fare is 280 yen one way.
If you plan to visit other stations along the Hankyu line, it may be more economical to use the Hankyu Tourist Pass 1-day/2-day ticket, which allows unlimited travel on all Hankyu lines and is exclusively for foreign tourists. Please also check the following article in advance.


For more information about our special ticket deals, click here.


There are two types of trains on the Takarazuka Line: “Express” and ” Local,” but you can take either one. Once on the train, get off at Ishibashi handai-mae Station, transfer to the Minoh Line, and get off at Minoh Station. It takes about 30 minutes from Osaka Umeda Station to Minoh Station.

Time required from Hankyu Minoh Station to Minoh Waterfall, detailed route


Once you arrive at Hankyu Minoh Station, it is time to walk from here.
There is a convenience store adjacent to the station’s ticket gate, so it is a good idea to buy a drink.


First, walk up the slope lined with souvenir stores.
The slope from here to the park entrance is steep, so take it easy and catch your breath as you go.
It takes about 10 minutes from Minoh Station to the park entrance on foot.


“Ichi no hashi” is the entrance to the park. After entering the park, walk along the promenade along the Minoh River.

The beginning of the walk is not so steep.
Along the promenade are the famous Insectarium, a café with a nice view and terrace seats, a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant, and a souvenir store selling “Momiji Tempura,” a standard souvenir of Minoh Waterfall. It is a good idea to check out the stores that interest you.


After a short distance, a red bridge appears.
At the foot of the bridge is Ryoan-ji Temple, which enshrines Benzaiten, the god of entertainment and fortune.


As you continue on, the slope becomes a little steeper around Yamamoto Coffee Shop.

About 150 meters from Yamamoto Coffee Shop is just the halfway point along the path.


Signs like this, with “X kilometers to go,” are posted along the way to encourage you to keep going.


A little further on, at the top of the steepest slope, you will find a rest area.

There are benches, restrooms, and a souvenir store next door. Drinks, ice cream, and snacks are available for purchase, so you can have a quick bite to eat. From here, there is only about a third of the way to Minoh Waterfall.


Further on, you will see a huge rock. Depending on the angle, the rock looks like a gorilla’s face.


Then cross the river beyond.
Once you cross the river, Minoh Waterfall will be just around the corner.

Passing a teahouse offering refreshments, you will see Minoh Waterfall splashing in the water! This is the goal!


When you get close to the waterfall, the spray of the waterfall is very powerful!
It is recommended to stand on the red bridge in front of the falls and take a commemorative photo.

Notes on taking a cab from Hankyu Minoh Station to Minoh Waterfall

If you are not confident walking the 5.6 km round trip from Hankyu Minoh Station to Minoh Waterfall and back, or if you want to reduce the walking distance as much as possible, you can take a cab.
There is a cab stand in front of Minoh Station, from where you can drive in to the Dainichi parking lot, which is the closest to the falls. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes by car from in front of Minoh Station to the Dainichi Parking Lot area, and the cab fare is about 1,500 to 1,600 yen.


If you take a cab, you can save time compared to walking from Hankyu Minoh Station, but you will still have to walk 10 to 15 minutes from the Dainichi parking lot to Minoh Waterfall.
Moreover, you will be walking back and forth on a very steep slope. Please walk with caution.

If you plan to take a cab on the way back, please make arrangements to have a cab waiting for you, as there are no cab stands near the Dainichi parking lot.

Also, during Golden Week and the season of autumn foliage, the roads are very crowded and congested. During high season, it is best to walk from Hankyu Minoh Station instead of taking a cab.

Notes on taking the bus from Hankyu Minoh Station to Minoh Waterfall

There is no local bus service from Hankyu Minoh Station to Minoh Waterfall, but in 2023, a demonstration experiment is being conducted for the Minoh Takimichi One-Way Sightseeing Circular Bus, a circular bus that tours Minoh’s sightseeing spots.


Period: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only from July 15, 2023 to March 10, 2024.
(Excluding November 11-December 3, 2023 and December 30-January 8, 2024)


Section: Hankyu Minoh Station ↔ Dainichi Parking Lot (Minoh Waterfall) ↔ Katsuo-ji Temple


Fare: 500 yen per section (for both adults and children. If you go from Hankyu Minoh Station to Katsuo-ji Temple, the fare is 1,000 yen.)
*Unlimited-ride tickets are 2,000 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for children (unlimited rides on the same day). Includes a 400 yen shopping coupon that can be used at stores along the waterfall path and around Minoh Station, and a 100 yen discount on the entrance fee to Katsuo-ji Temple.


How to purchase tickets: Tickets can be purchased onboard the bus; reservations are not required.


For more detailed information, please check the official website of Minoh City.


If you take the bus, you will have to walk from the Dainichi parking lot to Minoh Falls. Please note that you will have to walk up and down a steep slope, just as in the case of a cab.

How to enjoy Minoh Park and Minoh Waterfall


If you are not sure how to enjoy it, we have a model course in a separate article. Please take a look at that article as well.

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In summer, the Minoh Waterfall and the riverside path are illuminated at night, and “kawadoko,” a riverside dining experience where visitors can enjoy a meal at a quaint tatami room along the river, is also held every year.

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The most people visit Minoh Waterfall during the fall foliage season.

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The Minoh Waterfall, approaching up close, is a powerful sight!
Why not enjoy sightseeing not only in the central districts of Umeda and Namba, but also in spots familiar to locals from the perspective of “how do people in the Kansai region usually enjoy their holidays?

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