8 recommended gourmet restaurants in Minoh Waterfall! Cafes & Shops to stop by for sightseeing

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Minoh Waterfall is located in Minoh Park, an approximately 83-hectare park, and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Osaka, selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. Despite its convenient location, only about 30 minutes from Umeda, Osaka, the area attracts many people who enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons.
Therefore, this article introduces recommended gourmet restaurants when visiting Minoh Falls. We have carefully selected restaurants that are easily accessible, can be entered without a reservation, and offer menus and scenery unique to Minoh!


Are there any restaurants between Hankyu Minoh Station and Minoh Waterfall?

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There are many restaurants and souvenir stores along the walking path from Hankyu Minoh Station to Minoh Waterfall. Especially, “Momiji-no-tempura” is a well-known specialty of Minoh. Maple leaves are pickled in salt for one year, coated with a batter of flour, white sesame and sugar, and deep-fried in rapeseed oil. The surface is hard and crispy, and a sweet and savory aroma wafts through the air. It is also sold in small quantities, so be sure to give it a try.


There are a variety of restaurants along the walking path, but between Minoh Station and Yamamoto Coffee House, there is a relatively large collection of restaurants where you can have a relaxing lunch in a store. While some of the restaurants are upscale, others are easily accessible without reservations and some have terrace seating where you can comfortably spend time.

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On the other hand, near Minoh Waterfall, you will find a cluster of teahouses offering oden, grilled ayu (sweetfish), and other food stalls where you can taste gourmet food.


Let us introduce recommended gourmet foods in order of proximity to Hankyu Minoh Station!

1.Derailleur Brew Works Yama no Fumoto TAPROOM

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A beer café run by a craft beer brewery located right outside the ticket gates of Hankyu Minoh Station. In addition to a selection of up to 10 types of draft beer, the menu also includes snacks that go well with beer, home-roasted coffee, freshly baked bread, and sweets. It can also be used as a café.



1-1-45, Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


Right by Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station

2.Suzuki Shoten

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Selling sweets and drinks perfect for eating and drinking, such as Mitarashi dango, yuzu soda, and soft-serve ice cream. The soft-serve ice cream and drinks decorated with dried maple and yuzu puree give a sense of Minoh’s unique character. It is also nice that there is an eat-in space so you can sit down and enjoy them.



1-1-38, Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


Right by Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station


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A store selling Minoh’s specialties. Here, the Minoh specialty, momiji tempura, is arranged in various flavors such as sweet and spicy salt and brown sugar! The stylish packaging makes them ideal as souvenirs.

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There is also a lovely soft-serve ice cream topped with maple leaf tempura.



1-4-19, Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


Right by Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station

4.Soba Restaurant KAJIKASOU Minoh

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This restaurant features an atmospheric interior in a renovated Japanese inn. The location is perfect for viewing the autumn leaves through the large windows! The popular menu item is Minoh soba with yuzu, a specialty of Minoh. Other popular dishes include soba with kujo-negi (green onion), curry soba, and a seasonal menu.



1-6-6, Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


6-minute walk from Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station


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A French chef from Minoh runs the restaurant in Hashimoto-tei, a quaint building that retains the atmosphere of a former Japanese inn, and the first floor is a café with terrace seating, offering curry and original sweets made with Minoh’s yuzu citron. The sweets can be taken out.


In addition, a new store has opened right in front of Minoh Waterfall! In addition to yuzu soft-serve ice cream, food just right for those who are hungry, warm sweets, and hot drinks will be available!



2-5-37, Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


7-minute walk from Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station


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An Italian restaurant located along the Minoh River.
You can enjoy authentic pizza and dolce on the terrace with seasonal scenery in front of you. The time spent while enjoying the spectacular view is exceptional! The terrace is closed in the event of rain and reservations are not possible; reservations are required for the restaurant on the second floor.



2-7-98, Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


8-minute walk from Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station

7.Café & Gallery Yuzuriha

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A sister restaurant of the famous kaiseki restaurant “ichiju-nisai Ueno,” it offers casual dining with dishes prepared by professional chefs who have honed their skills. The restaurant offers lunch of sea bream chazuke and Japanese sweets. The panoramic view from the large window behind the counter is also a treat.



2-5, Minohkoen, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


10-minute walk from Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station

8.Yamamoto Coffee Kan

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When you need a cup of coffee, go to Yamamoto Coffee House. It is located right in the middle of Hankyu Minoh Station and Minoh Waterfall. The interior of the store is decorated with a stately interior and has an elegant atmosphere. The coffee, brewed one cup at a time with a siphon, will calm your mind.



2-28, Minohkoen, Minoh-shi, Osaka [MAP]


20-minute walk from Hankyu Minoh Line Minoh Station

Minoh is only about 30 minutes by train from Umeda, Osaka, and offers easy access to nature. Please make your trip a fulfilling one by tasting delicious gourmet food as well.


But before you go, please check the access.

The distance from the nearest station, Hankyu Minoh Station, to Minoh Falls is 2,8 kilometers one way, on a gentle slope. It takes about 40 minutes one way, and the sightseeing tour should take at least 2 hours.
Please check the article below to see what the itinerary is like.

Note on how to get to Minoh Waterfall! Points that international travelers should know before going there


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