The “Kyo-Train Garaku” running on the Hankyu Kyoto Line is a modern Japanese-style train with a different design for each car. You can enjoy the elegant atmosphere from the moment you get on the train, and your trip to Kyoto will be more exciting!

Relax in different types of seating

A variety of seats are on standby to match the car’s interior design. Whether you are in a group or on your own, you can spend a relaxing moment in each of them.

Window-facing seats with a view

Observation seats in Cars 3 and 4. You can see the scenery of Kyoto and Nishiyama from the train window. Counter tables are also available.

Box seating and single seating

Box seats with Japanese tatami mats and single seats are available in Cars 1 and 6.

Box seats are spacious and ideal for families and groups.

The single seat, which allows passengers to enjoy a quiet journey, has a high backrest that prevents the passengers from being distracted by the presence of others behind them.

Feel the Seasons

Each car has a seasonal and botanical theme.

The design is unified by a calm and relaxed atmosphere, mainly based on traditional patterns such as flowers, birds, and checkered patterns.

The four seasons

Cherry blossoms in spring, hollyhocks in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and bamboo in winter.
Each car is decorated with seasonal designs on the seats, walls, and body walls.


Enjoy the design of the interior of the car

Even though it is located inside a car, it is decorated like a traditional Kyoto townhouse.

Head to Kyoto while you enjoy the Japanese ambience!

Two types of tsuboniwa

Car 2 has a karesansui (traditional Japanese dry landscape garden), and Car 5 has a tsuboniwa (spot garden) in a traditional Kyoto townhouse with tsukubai and garden stones.

The lighting is dark and spotlights give a sense of elegance.

The atmosphere of Kyoto's machiya houses is everywhere

As you board the train, the “Inu-yarai,” which marks the border between the street and the eaves of the townhouse, serves as a partition between the seating area and the entrance.
At the entrance to the seats, a softly textured “Noren” made of Tango Chirimen from Kyoto welcomes you.
Inside the rooms, “Sudare” is used to shade the guests from the sun, creating an atmosphere similar to that of a traditional Kyoto machiya.


How to get on the Kyo-Train Garaku

Kyo-Train Garaku runs between Osaka-umeda Station and Kyoto-kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.
It operates only on weekends and holidays. Reservations are not required and only a standard fare is required.


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