3 restaurants where you can eat plant-based food near CUPNOODLES MUSEUM in Osaka Ikeda


When traveling, you want to enjoy local cuisine at the same table while respecting the tastes and preferences of your companions.
Do you know that there is a restaurant serving plant-based food in the Hankyu Ikeda Station area where “CUPNOODLES MUSEUM” is located?
The “CUPNOODLES MUSEUM” is a destination for many visitors to Japan who come to Osaka. Among the many restaurants in Osaka Ikeda, we would like to introduce some of the best restaurants serving plant-based food.


What is the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM in Osaka Ikeda?


This hands-on food education facility is located in Ikeda, Osaka, the birthplace of the world’s first instant ramen “Chicken Ramen”. Making your own original cup noodle with your choice of soup and fillings is very popular (for a fee). Tourists can often be seen walking around the streets of Ikeda, Osaka, with the air package containing the finished cup noodle hanging from their necks.

3 recommended restaurants offering plant-based food in Osaka Ikeda

Ikeda city tourist information centre


This tourist information center is located on the road from Hankyu Ikeda Station to the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM in Osaka Ikeda.

This unique facility not only introduces the highlights of Ikeda City and sells original goods, but also offers food and drinks typical of Ikeda.


The most prominent of these is the deep fried chicken using the world’s first instant ramen noodle “Chicken Ramen” as the batter. A standard fried chicken dish is also available, but a plant-based fried chicken dish made with soybean meat is also available.


The texture of the fried soybean meat is so good that you wouldn’t even notice it if you weren’t told it was soybean! The crunchy texture and robust flavor of the chicken ramen is addictive and just the right snack when you are hungry.



2-7, Masumi-cho, Ikeda-shi [MAP]


Short walk from Hankyu Takarazuka Line Ikeda Station



This restaurant offers authentic Nepalese cuisine prepared by the owner, who is from Nepal. Nepal is a country where many people are vegan and vegetarian, and jujudhau offers halal, vegan, and vegetarian menus. The menu is marked in English, so there is no need to worry about getting lost.


The Buddha Bowl, served on the a la carte menu for dinner, is a bowl of rice topped with a variety of toppings, including potato pickles, bell peppers, chickpeas, and nuts. It is a hearty dish!


“MOMO” a Nepalese dish similar to dumplings is also available in a “veggie MOMO” using only vegetables. It is very spicy! Also, be sure to try the Soy Ball Curry, full of seasonal vegetables, and our signature naan! Share the variety of dishes with everyone and enjoy your meal.



Iseki Bldg. 1F, 1-3 Muro-machi, Ikeda-shi [MAP]


10 minutes walk from Hankyu Takarazuka Line Ikeda Station

Holy Holy Familiar Tree Café


“Holy Holy Familiar Tree Café”, run by vegetarian owners, is a completely vegan and gluten-free café.


The lunch set menu features cream croquettes made with soy milk sauce and two types of vegan cheese, as well as traditional Japanese dishes such as kinpira, okara, and hijiki. The menu is made with vegetables harvested locally in Ikeda, Osaka, and is oriental vegan-friendly, using no green onions or garlic.


Sweets and drinks such as cakes made with health-friendly cane sugar and caffeine-free coffee are also on the menu. All dishes are surprisingly tasty with the flavor of the ingredients!


The owner and his wife cherish their connection with nature and with people. Meeting these two hospitable people will also be a good memory of your trip.



Kami-ikeda Mansion 1F, 2-2-4 Kami-ikeda, Ikeda-shi [MAP]


10 minute walk from Hankyu Ikeda Station

▼For more information about Osaka Ikeda’s plant-based food, check out the official Ikeda City Tourism Association website.


Tourist attractions in Osaka Ikeda, where the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM is located.


The most popular tourist spot in Ikeda is the “CUPNOODLES MUSEUM”, but other attractions include “Ikeda City Satsukiyama Zoo”, which is home to only a few Australian wombats in Japan; Ikeda Castle Ruins Park”, which features a garden with seasonal flowers and a castle-like building; “Kyuanji Temple”, which is an old temple with a tower gate (designated as a national important cultural property); and “Fushioukaku”, a hot spring resort where visitors can take a day trip and stay overnight.


Ikeda, with its mountains and large rivers, is also blessed with nature, and its natural scenery is attractive: cherry blossoms (late March to early April) and azaleas (April to May) in the Satsukiyama Park, teppo-yuri (lilies) (June) in Ikeda Castle Ruins Park, and hydrangeas (June) and autumn leaves (November) at Kyuanji Temple.
The annual fireworks display held on the banks of the Inagawa River in August is the most crowded event of the year. Approximately 4,000 fireworks float into the night sky.



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After enjoying sightseeing and lunch in Ikeda, we recommend going sightseeing to Minoh Park, where Minoh Falls, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Osaka, is located. It takes about 15 minutes from Hankyu Ikeda Station to the nearest station, Minoh Station.

For more information,check the Minoh Sightseeing Guide article.

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