Report on the newly reopened Hanshin Umeda Main Store!

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We have summarized the three main points that you should look for when you visit the newly renovated Hanshin Umeda Main Store.
1. Each floor is full of original projects.
2. Culture and fashion with a new image.
3. Gourmet food is still on my mind.

①Interesting floor plan created by the navigator of the Hanshin Umeda main store!

The navigator is an employee of the Hanshin Umeda Main Store, but she can tell us about products and other things from the perspective of a consumer just like us.
I guess you could say that I act as a bridge between department stores and customers.
These navigators will be working on the actual sales floor at this reopening!

Of all the sales areas planned by the navigator, the first one that caught attention was the live kitchen on the 7th floor.


The Live Kitchen is located on the Living Goods floor, where you can experience cooking and participate in events while using the ingredients and tools recommended by the navigator.

Next, we went down one floor to the sixth floor.


On the Baby and Kids floor, the “Little Anniversaries” section, based on the concept of “every day spent with your child is an anniversary,” is a must-see.
Whether you are buying for your own use at home or looking for a gift for someone who has a new baby, these products will be useful.
There is also a corner with organic products, from baby food and seasonings to snacks.

The next stop was the fifth floor.
A select store created with a magazine company that has been the talk of the town since before it opened.


The name of the event is “Itten Mono Marche”. It features a wide variety of brands and items selected by connoisseurs such as stylists and models who are active in the magazine.

②Pop culture and fashion. Follow the cutting edge at Hanshin.

I visited the fourth floor, the fashion and culture floor.
Riakuro Event Space is a place where you can learn about the ever-changing fashion and pop culture of the season.
Please check here for event information.

There are more spots to look out for!
The Creators Village is located on the accessories and sundries floor on the second floor.


As a space to support the next generation of creators, the real store of the online store creation service “BASE” is opening for the first time in Kansai.

③It's the Hanshin Umeda flagship store, after all, so gourmet expectations are high.

Hanshin Umeda Main Store is all about gourmet food! I’m sure many of you have been looking forward to it.
I visited them from the food hall on the 9th floor.


The food court is very open, with lots of light coming in through the large windows.


There are counter seats, table seats, and premium rooms available for 90 minutes for 1,000 yen, and you can choose your favorite menu from 16 restaurants.

The last step is to move from the 9th floor to the 1st floor at once.
A world first! A permanent store of the venerable tea merchant Linton’s!


I heard that Linton’s tea is available in a stand style, so I visited here as well.
The menu basically consists of two types of drinks, iced and hot, and you can also buy English cookies.
In the store, you can buy tea and cookies loved by the British people.

Don’t miss the limited-time stalls and the “OYATSU-Hanare” where you can eat in and enjoy sweets.


While in Umeda, Osaka, you can also buy sweets to order. From local sweets to nostalgic treats, you’ll be spoiled for choice when there are 700 varieties to choose from!

Please visit the newly renovated Hanshin Umeda Main Store!



1-13-13, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka


Right by Hanshin Osaka-Umeda Station
10-minute walk from Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station

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