Recommended shopping and popular accommodations in Umeda, Osaka, the starting point for travel in Kansai!


Umeda and Namba, Osaka’s representative centers, have always been popular destinations for foreign tourists who love Japan. Umeda is close to Shin-Osaka Station, a Shinkansen bullet train stop, and offers not only convenient transportation, but also plenty of shopping, lodging, dining, and entertainment facilities.

JR Limited Express Haruka departing from Kansai Airport will stop at the newly built platform at JR Osaka Station (Umeda) from March 18, 2023. This makes access from the airport to Umeda even more convenient.

In this issue, the Hankyu Hanshin Group brings you the latest information on Umeda, including popular hotels and locals’ recommendations for shopping and dining.


Umeda You should definitely go there!
Recommended Shopping and Dining Spots

●Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store is the world’s first department store directly connected to a train station, and has been a local symbol of Umeda since its opening in 1929. From the 2nd basement floor to the 13th floor above ground, the department store offers a wide range of products including luxury brands, cosmetics, fashion clothing, baby products, household goods, and foodstuffs. For the convenience of foreign tourists, the store also offers tax refunds on purchases.

Hankyu Department Store Event1

The 9th floor event plaza hosts a variety of themed events from time to time, including performances, shopping, dining, and more.

Hankyu Department Store Event2
Hankyu Department Store Event4

The theme of the event plaza changes from time to time. You are sure to have a different experience each time you visit. Try to find your favorite!

●Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store

Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store

Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store is another of the leading department stores in the Umeda area, and is especially famous for its gourmet food. The Hanshin Food Hall, located on the first basement floor, offers a large selection of popular souvenirs, desserts, breads, and other items. Snack Park, also on the B1 floor, offers a wide variety of food items, including squid pancakes that draw long lines, seafood rice bowls, ramen noodles, okonomiyaki, and more. Gourmet food lovers should not miss it.

Hanshin Department Store snackpark ikayaki

Snack Park has many stores and is frequented by local businessmen for an after-work drink.

Ika-yaki, a Hanshin specialty, has long been a favorite of locals, and customers line up from morning to night to buy it.

Hanshin Department Store oyatsu terrace3
Hanshin Department Store oyatsu terrace2

At the “Oyatsu Terrace” on the first floor, sweets and snacks from all over Japan are categorized by region. Nostalgic sweets and regional snacks are also categorized in detail, allowing visitors to experience the tastes of different regions of Japan in Osaka all at once.



HANKYU SANBAN GAI is directly connected to Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station and is part of the huge Umeda commercial area. You will have no trouble finding a place to eat or shop!


The show window is lined with “LEGOⓇ” block creations that are unique to Osaka and the Kansai region, delighting the viewer.


UMEDA FOOD HALL is a food court. A variety of cuisines are available, making it easy to use for parents and children traveling together, and the prices are reasonable.


“Toro-ya” is a restaurant specializing in kaisen-don (seafood bowl), and is especially famous for its tuna.


At Ishinoya, you can enjoy tempura rice bowls and Osaka’s famous gourmet “kushikatsu”.


umeda chair

HEP FIVE is a landmark in Umeda, Osaka. The giant red Ferris wheel on top of the commercial building stands out. In front of the Ferris wheel is a resting bench with the word “Umeda” on it, so it is recommended to take a picture here and then enjoy the view.

HEPFIVE Ferris Wheel

A ride on the Ferris wheel offers a beautiful view of Osaka.

Recommendation! Very popular hotels in Umeda



When considering the convenience of lodging in Osaka, proximity to a station is an important factor. “Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA” is a 5-minute walk from Hankyu Osaka Umeda station and directly connected to JR Osaka station by a connecting bridge.

Not only is it located in the heart of Osaka, but it is also on the upper floor of the shopping mall Lynx Umeda, which offers access to Yodobashi Camera electronics retail store, supermarkets, food courts, and convenience stores, making it convenient to procure necessary items.

In addition, the adjacent Hotel new Hankyu Osaka is directly connected to the airport by bus, making it an ideal accommodation for individual travelers in Keihanshin.


The rooms are spacious and comfortable, well-lit, and offer a view of the Osaka cityscape both day and night. There is also a bathtub to soak in.


Children's tableware for rental

The hotel is environmentally friendly and amenities can be picked up at the front desk when needed.

For customers with children, we provide children’s equipment and toys, and there is a nursing room on the 9th floor where parents and children can spend time together in peace.


The lobby is located on the 9th floor.
Contactless self check-in and check-out is convenient and fast.
There is also a complimentary self-service coffee machine for the exclusive use of our guests.


Outside the lobby is an outdoor garden, an oasis in the city, where you can take a morning stroll.

How was it?

Umeda in Osaka is a very convenient area to enjoy shopping, dining, and of course, as a starting point for your trip to Kansai. Please stay in Umeda and enjoy your excursions to various parts of Kansai!



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