Natural spots close to the city Myoken-no-mori (Closed on December 3, 2023)


This facility closed on December 3, 2023.


Mt. Myoken, which straddles southeastern Hyogo Prefecture and northern Osaka. The Myoken-no-mori stretches halfway up this mountain. Only one hour from Umeda, Osaka. It is a day-trip leisure spot where you can feel nature as it is throughout the seasons.
From access to Myoken-no-mori spot information, here are some details.

Access to Myoken-no-mori

Take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station and transfer to the Nose Railway at Kawanishi-noseguchi Station.

Once on the Nose Railway, head for Myokenguchi Station, the last stop on the Myoken Line.


Myokenguchi Station is located in the northernmost part of Osaka Prefecture. The wooden station building and the old-fashioned red post box in front of the station are picturesque.

From Myokenguchi Station, take a leisurely walk to Myoken-no-mori Cable Car Kurokawa Station while enjoying the expansive countryside scenery. It takes about 20 minutes.

Myoken-no-Mori Cable Car


The Myoken-no-Mori Cable Car is the gateway to the Myoken-no-mori. With a total length of 666 m and a height difference of 223 m, the cable car connects Kurokawa Station to Sanjo Station in 5 minutes.


From the windows of the train, visitors can view the satoyama landscape, which is said to be the best in Japan. You can enjoy the scenery of each of the four seasons: cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, and autumn leaves in fall.

Myoken-no-mori  Footbath on Sanjo


There is a “Myoken-no-mori Footbath on Sanjo ” right after getting off Sanjo Station. Surrounded by nature, visitors can soak in a footbath and overlook the satoyama landscape.

Myoken-no-mori Fureai Hiroba


A short walk from Sanjo Station is the Fureai Hiroba. It is a place of recreation and relaxation for many people, including those who enjoy nature in peace and quiet, and children who play with their whole bodies.


At the Fureai Hiroba, there is Myoken-no-Mizu, natural mineral water full of nature’s blessings, which gushes out from 171 meters underground. It is well known for its delicious taste in tea, coffee, and even as a water mix for alcohol. You can taste it for free. You can also bring a plastic bottle or water bottle to take home.


Visitors can also enjoy “Kawarake-throwing” on the observation deck. Kawarake- throwing  is a game of throwing earthenware sake cups and plates from high places to ward off evil spirits. It is said that if you can throw an unglazed plate toward the circle and let it pass through, your wish will come true.

Myoken-no-Mori BBQ Terrace


When you come to Myoken-no-mori, please enjoy barbecue in an open space surrounded by rich nature.


Cooking utensils can be rented free of charge, and food can be procured locally, so you can come empty-handed! A wide variety of food items are available, from value-priced food sets (reservations required) to individual items and drink menus. Please taste the finest Japanese beef.


Covered seating is also available, so you don’t have to worry even if it rains.


There’s even wooden playground equipment in the facility for the kids!

Nature Walking Course


Cherry tree valley and Maple valley are named after the beautiful scenery that can be seen from Fureai Hiroba, with cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall. A walking trail has been established so that visitors can admire the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves at close range.


The symbolic tree of the cherry/edohigan colony that can be enjoyed in the spring is the ” Tae cherry tree of meeting of destiny”. It is a magnificent large tree with a height of 21 meters and a trunk circumference of 259 meters. The wish is that many people will have wonderful encounters under the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming on Mt. Myoken.

Myoken-no-Mori Lift


The Myoken-no-Mori Lift, which goes up from Fureai Hiroba to Mt. Myokenzan, allows visitors to enjoy a walk in the air while admiring the seasonal flowers.


Cherry blossoms bloom in spring, hydrangeas are in full bloom in summer, and the autumn leaves are magnificent in fall.

Pray for good luck at Nose Myokenzan


Nose Myokenzan, a sacred place of worship of the North Star, which enshrines the star “Polaris” that governs our destiny. The main hall is dedicated to Myoken Daibosatsu, the guardian deity of good fortune.


It is said that there are eight stars that guard the North Star. Since ancient times, it has also been customary to dedicate a horse to the gods in order to have wishes fulfilled. There are also eight sacred horses that protect Nose Myokenzan on the temple grounds according to the eight stars. Please look for the eight sacred horses of various sizes.


There is also a horse fortune. The horse dolls, each with a different expression, can be taken home to be used as good luck charms or dedicated in the ema hall.

Artwork to enjoy with nature


“Polar Star Entrance Station” was created in the image of the Nose Electric Railway station 100 years ago, and was created at an art event in 2013. The railroad tracks head in the direction of the North Star in the sky. This is a great spot to take nice pictures.


The “Swing on the Mountain” was created together with an artist who is developing swing-related projects throughout the country. This work is to be viewed with one’s thoughts on a swing suspended from a frame that seems to jut out into the sky from the observation deck.

Myoken-no-mori is a great place to visit with family and friends. In addition to leisure experiences, hiking, bird watching, and seasonal flowers will leave adults and children feeling liberated! Why not get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a day in nature?


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