Osaka Umeda’s newest gourmet spot, HEP FIVE “TAMLO” is perfect for lunch and a cafe!


What kind of place is HEP FIVE?

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HEPFIVE is located in the middle of Umeda, Osaka, with a red Ferris wheel on the roof of the building. From the second basement to the ninth floor, this commercial facility houses fashion, cosmetics, and amusement facilities popular mainly among teenagers.

The red Ferris wheel is one of the landmarks of Osaka’s Umeda area and takes about 15 minutes per lap. The architectural beauty of the intricate Ferris wheel structure and the panoramic view of the city of Osaka are popular among tourists.

HEP FIVE "TAMLO" where you can find the latest sweets and food stores!

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In September 2023, a gourmet floor “TAMLO” opened in HEP FIVE!
The name “TAMLO” is derived from the Japanese word meaning “way of spending time.

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Located on the same 7th floor as the Ferris wheel ride, “TAMLO” has five public spaces with different interior designs that can be used to share takeout food from each restaurant with friends or as meeting places. Visitors traveling from overseas can also easily use these spaces.

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A total of 14 stores will be opening at TAMLO, including the first stores in Japan, the first stores in western Japan, and the first stores in the Umeda area of Osaka! For those who want to be among the first to know what’s trendy in Japan, this is a spot you can’t miss!


Let us now introduce you to some unique stores.

Trends are born here! "TAMLAB" to be replaced for a limited time

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The store located right at the entrance of the floor is TAMLAB. The hottest stores and upcoming menu items will appear for a limited time as pop-up stores.
At the time of opening, the “KUMONOCHA Cafe,” which operates mainly in Kyoto, will make its first appearance in Osaka! A colorful array of cloud-shaped mousses that have become a hot topic on SNS. They look so photogenic when paired with a drink.


“TAMLAB” is located at the entrance of the floor that can be called the face of TAMLO, and we have a feeling that a big trend will be born here. Keep your eyes on it!

Stylish cafe "Tsuki no Michi" with a sophisticated Japanese atmosphere

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The elegant and stylish space is unlike any other, with a custom-made design that makes use of a blank space, just like an alcove. Tsukinomichi offers matcha drinks, specialty coffees, and other matcha drinks and foods that are perfect for taking a break.


The financier sandwiched between butter cream and sweets will help you relax after a long day of shopping and sightseeing.


Pink! Pink! Pink! Cute-looking waffle "PINK WOO WAFFLE"

hepfive_tamlo (12)

The café’s all-pink interior makes a big impact, and we recommend the cute strawberry waffle! Topped with rich fresh cream, plenty of strawberries, and thick strawberry ice cream, it is a strawberry-filled sweet. The taste of fresh strawberries is strong, so it is not heavy despite its volume!

hepfive_tamlo (13)

It will look just great when paired with a ribbon-decorated drink. Waffles with seasonal fruits will also be available for a limited time.

Bartending Experience! Mocktail bar "MOON and BACK"

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“MOON and BACK” is located in the center of the floor. With stores in Nishiki Market in Kyoto, Sannomiya in Kobe, and Sydney, this is the first store to open in Osaka. The key point of the store is the bartender experience! Shake the drink to match the shaker! Take a video and upload it to SNS with the store’s recommended music.


The sweets are also cute, including beautifully visual parfaits made with seasonal fruits and popular bite-size canelees!

Light, melt-in-your-mouth texture! Don't miss out on these delicious doughnuts! "YANKEE DONUTS"

hepfive_tamlo (22)
hepfive_tamlo (21)

“YANKEE DONUTS” is focuses on true taste rather than appearance. The ingredients, such as strong flour, milk, and butter, are grown in the wilds of Hokkaido. The doughnuts are hand-kneaded and surprisingly light as a feather! The fact that the menu is limited to three types (plain, chocolate, and coconut) shows the thoroughness and confidence of the chefs. Even if you are full, you can easily eat them and they will disappear. Try it for yourself!


The neon-decorated interior and boxes decorated with colorful tape also show off good taste.

A stylish moment with alcohol and snacks. "café&bar Hush" with an image of Paris

hepfive_tamlo (20)

cafe&bar Hush is recommended when you want to have a drink in a stylish atmosphere. The blue and white space that looks like it could be found on a street corner in Paris is wonderful. The restaurant serves a la carte dishes and sweets with wine.


The bagel is the best choice! The salty flavor of mashed potatoes and bacon goes well with alcohol. We also have sweet bagels, cute heart-shaped cookies and other photo-worthy items.

First in Japan! Dip churros specialty store "coucou churros"

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You can dip the easy-to-eat churros in chocolate or taste them with Hokkaido ice cream and an affogado of espresso. “coucou churros” is a churros specialty store that has never existed before! The casual, standing-style space makes it easy to stop by.

Freshly fried churros smell great even before you eat them! The churros have a crisp and light texture, and seasonal menu items are also available!

Pasta specialty restaurant "Odashimon" with the theme of "dashi," the key ingredient of Japanese cuisine

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At Odashimon, you can enjoy original pasta dishes that are a cross between Japanese and Western dishes based on the theme of dashi used in Japanese cuisine. For example, there is a menu featuring peperoncino (peperoncino with kama-age shirasu) served in the restaurant’s signature golden dashi broth, and pasta with Kagoshima black pork and kujo leeks dipped in agodashi broth!

In addition to healthy set menus with brown rice, a wide variety of matcha sweets are also available for café use.

There is more to come! Gourmet food at TAMLO

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In addition to “UMEYOSHI,” a pork cutlet specialty restaurant and “Pomu no ki,” an omelette rice specialty restaurant, both of which have been longtime favorites at HEP FIVE, “KOREAN KITCHEN K-LOVERS,” a Korean restaurant with a stylish food truck-like interior, “Hamburger Kitchen Marburg,” a hamburger restaurant that took three years to develop and offers the ultimate in meat flavor, “Cheese and Honey,” and many more. Hamburger Kitchen Marburg”, a hamburger restaurant, and “Cheese and Honey”, where you can enjoy various flavors of cheese, are all here to satisfy your hunger.

Visit for the hottest sweets and food in Japan, or stop by after a ride on the Ferris wheel or in between shopping trips.
If you remember that you can find the latest seasonal food on the 7th floor of the red Ferris wheel building, you will be in good hands when you are in need of a lunch or café!

When you come to Umeda, Osaka, be sure to visit the latest gourmet spots.


*Opening hours vary by store.



5-15, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka [MAP]


3-minute walk from Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station
5-minute walk from Hanshin Osaka-Umeda Station

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