Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store- Best Place to Enjoy Japan’s Food Culture!


The Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store in Umeda, Osaka, had a grand opening in April 2022 after about seven years of reconstruction work. The Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store, known affectionately as the “Hanshin of Food” has been further enhanced. The concept is “a department store that makes you happy every day”. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of food with an overwhelming selection of products and specialties.


In this issue, we will introduce the food area over four floors and recommended stores. Please enjoy the ever-evolving ” Hanshin of Food “!


1. “HANSHIN FOOD MARKET”, Japan’s No. 1 high street department store
2. ” SNACK PARK”, a sacred place for standing food and drink
3. ” DINING & BAR”, from lunch to a quick drink
4. ” FOOD EVENT”, a world of culinary entertainment
5. ” RESTAURANT & FOOD HALL”, a family-friendly restaurant



The HANSHIN FOOD MARKET, the food section on the basement floor, which underwent a major renovation in April 2022, consists of six specialized zones.

●Sweets World


A 100-meter-long sweets street has been created in the “Sweets World”. Various sweets only available here, including a new brand debuting at the Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store, are lined up.


[Debut Brand] Traditional Italian Confectionery “Gelsomina”
We have recreated authentic Italian flavors such as chocolate pastries from Capri and sweets from Pantelleria in southwestern Sicily. They make great souvenirs!


[Debut Brand] Cheese with Honey Sweets “Drawley”
The lineup includes Camembert, Gorgonzola and honey-crusted pound cake, financier and pie sandwiches. Both adults and children can enjoy the delicious taste.


[Debut brand] A pistachio sweets specialty store “Pistachio Mania”
This is the first store selling original sweets made with Italian pistachio paste. You can enjoy a variety of sweets that let you feel the charm and deliciousness of pistachios.


[The first store to open in a department store] Very popular for its retro confectionery “Taiyonotou Confectionery Shop”
A confectionery store by the very popular cafe “cafe Taiyonotou” in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka, has opened its first permanent store in a department store. The cute sweets are both retro and new.

●Japanese Sweets World

” Japanese Sweets World” offers a wide range of products from well-established brands to new brands. Here, too, you’ll find brands only available at the Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store!


[Debut brand] Curry cracker specialty store “Curry no Kuchi”
A specialty store specializing in curry rice crackers to satisfy your curry craving. The curry rice cracker was developed with the rice cracker manufacturer “TOYOSU” and is a special kind of curry rice cracker.

●Delicatessens World

The “Delicatessens World” section features a wide variety of specialty stores, including prepared foods from popular restaurants. In addition to the standard Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes, there is a wide selection of cuisines from around the world.


[Debut Brand] Taiwanese soul food “Osaka Pepper Cake”
A new brand by the famous “Ten-Ten” restaurant of bite-sized gyoza dumplings. You can now taste the pepper cakes, a staple of Taiwanese night markets, in Osaka.


Other stores include “Liquor World,” with an overwhelming selection of wines, “Fresh Products World,” with a full lineup of fresh and rare foodstuffs, and “Famous Store World,” featuring local food from all over Japan, especially gyoza. Don’t miss the ” HANSHIN FOOD MARKET” representing the “Hanshin of Food”!



Enjoy from one coin “Fast! Cheap! Delicious!” It is a standing eatery paradise. You can enjoy not only lunch but also a small drink at ease.


SNACK PARK is famous for its ikayaki, a Hanshin specialty! The ikayaki, which is made of baked dough mixed with dashi, flour, and squid, has been loved in Osaka for more than 60 years and sells more than 10,000 pieces a day.



DINING & BAR is located on the second basement floor and can be used for lunch, bar at night, or even by a single female customer. It is divided into two areas: the Bar Zone and the Gourmet Zone.
The Bar Zone features 9 well-known restaurants. With so many different types of establishments to choose from, you can even get a drink in every one of them!


Yakitori Bar “CHIKICHIKI” is the second brand from “Goichi” in Higobashi, Osaka, which is popular as a yakitori restaurant that cannot take reservations. You can enjoy yakitori that exudes the skill of a master chef at the Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store.


The gourmet zone, which can be used casually, gathers nine specialty restaurants and three cafes. The variety is rich, including Japanese cuisine with plenty of vegetables, casual Hong Kong gourmet food, authentic Thai cuisine, and hearty gourmet food.



FOOD EVENT, a weekly food entertainment world, is a so-called food event hall. Passionate food professionals = super presenters appear every week to propose new food from their strong and particular viewpoints.
Check out our Instagram for updates on the FOOD EVENT!



The RESTAURANT & FOOD HALL on the 9th floor features seven restaurants and eight food halls.
The restaurants are authentic and mainly restaurants that every Kansai resident has visited or heard of at least once.


The Food Hall is a new style food court featuring a large collection of star restaurants that are bringing a new style to Osaka, including a hot French restaurant, a famous creative Chinese restaurant, and a famous spiced curry restaurant.


The Food Hall also has “Premium Rooms,” paid seats that allow you to enjoy your meal in a semi-private space at your leisure. You can order from the menus of 8 food hall restaurants without standing in line, and the staff will bring the food to your table.
*Reservations required via web: (Japanese only)

How was it? The new Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store is full of fun things to do! It is just a short walk from Hanshin Osaka Umeda Station, as well as Osaka Metro Umeda, Nishi Umeda, and Higashi Umeda Stations, and JR Osaka Station, so it is the perfect place to stop by on a whim.
From lunch and dinner to sweets and prepared foods. Come to the Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store for all your food needs!



1-13-13, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka


Right by Hanshin Osaka-Umeda Station
10-minute walk from Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station


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