Cherry blossom sweets and goods to enjoy even after the cherry blossom season is over


Spring is the season of cherry blossoms. However, cherry blossom viewing under the cherry blossoms in full bloom can only be enjoyed during a short period from late March to early April.
Here are some sweets and goods that allow you to enjoy the cherry blossoms even after the cherry blossom season is over. Why don’t you enjoy the cherry blossom season at home or on a trip?


1.Aroma of spring in one bite (comemari)


The “Sakura Mochi” flavor is now available at comemari, a brand of rice snacks sold at the Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store!


It tastes just like eating Kansai-style sakura mochi itself. The slightly gentle pink appearance is cute and reminiscent of cherry blossoms. It goes well with sencha green tea, so you may be pleased to give it as a set with tea as a Japanese spring-like souvenir.


【Sales period】Until early April 2024
【Store】Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

2.Spring Limited baumkuchen(Nenrin-ya)


“Spring Limited baumkuchen” is a spring-only product baked by Nenrin-ya only during this time of year. Please enjoy the taste and aroma of cherry blossoms carefully baked layer by layer.


【Sales period】Until mid April 2024
【Store】Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

3.Cherry blossom-themed sweets and cocktails(The Ritz-Carlton,Osaka)


At The Lobby Lounge on the first floor, you can enjoy “Sakura Afternoon Tea” inspired by cherry blossoms. At The Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Shop, you can enjoy “Sakura Sweets” such as Sakura Cake, Sakura Eclair, and Sakura Anpan at home or on the go, and at The Bar on the fifth floor, you can enjoy “Sakura Cocktails” in a high-quality space.


Pretty cherry blossom-colored sweets and finger sandwiches will decorate the interior of the restaurant. Please enjoy a special afternoon tea that will enhance the mood of cherry blossom viewing, while feeling the comfortable arrival of spring.


There are also cherry blossom sweets to take home and enjoy at home. This year, eight new cherry blossom-themed, eye-catching and beautiful sweets will be available, along with a wide selection of popular bakery items such as Sakura Anpan and Sakura Bread.


“The Bar” will be offering a limited-edition cocktail during the cherry blossom season. This seasonal cocktail is reminiscent of the beautiful and hopeful skies of spring, expressed in a beautiful gradation reminiscent of cherry blossoms.


【Sales period】Until April 15, 2024

The Ritz-Carlton,Osaka

4.Hanami Sweets(ANTENOR)


Kobe-based patisserie “ANTENOR” will be offering a variety of colorful and gorgeous tasting sweets under the theme of “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) at its cake stores nationwide. These spring-like sweets include a cake combining cherry blossoms and black tea, a cherry blossom Mont Blanc, and a cake combining Nishio green tea and yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit).


This new spring cake, which is designed to look like cherry petals, is made with cherry blossom-scented glazes and encases a refreshing peach mousse, a refreshingly sweet cherry sauce with peach pulp, and a black tea crème brûlée.
Enjoy this Hanami sweet at home, or go out and enjoy the cherry blossoms while viewing them.


【Sales period】Until April 19,2024
【Store】Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store

5.Spring and Summer Nail Colors(Ueba Esou)


Gofun Nail Polish is a water-soluble nail polish that is gentle to the nails and is the brainchild of “Ueha Eso”. Gofun is an important white pigment in Japanese painting made from the fine powder of scallop shells, and Gofun nail polish incorporates this natural material. Gofun nail polish was conceived with the desire to add color to nails just as one would paint a picture.

The lineup includes a variety of Japanese shades that can only be expressed by a paint shop with colors that have been handed down for approximately 270 years.


As a total of three colors to make your spring and summer even more and nicer, we have introduced “Hana-Kasumi”, a dull pink-beige color that will clothe you in elegance, “Hagoromo”, a mellow light pink color with an unprecedented translucence when applied to nails, and “Hisui-iro”, a bright blue-green color that will give you the freshness of early summer.

Why not wear pink or blue-green nails and go out to see cherry blossoms?


【Sales period】Until August 31,2024

Ueba Esou

Even though the cherry blossom viewing season has passed, there are many sweets and goods that will make you feel the cherry blossoms. Enjoy spring to the fullest with the aroma of cherry blossoms, the taste of cherry blossoms, and cherry blossom motifs!



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