Playing in the snow at Rokko Snow Park! What to do when you take your kids there!

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Rokko Snow Park is an artificial ski resort that opens every year from November to March. It is close to Osaka and Kobe, making it easy to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There’s even an area dedicated to playing in the snow, so no need to worry about bringing the little ones!

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Here, I’ll give you a list of points to consider when taking your children to Rokko Snow Park for their first time playing in the snow, including access to the park, what to wear and bring, and even information on where to eat there.



How do I get to Rokko Snow Park?

If you take the train, Hanshin Main Line Mikage Station or Hankyu Kobe Line Rokko Station are the nearest stations. From each station, take the Kobe City Bus, Rokko Cable Car, or Rokko Sanjo Bus.

1.Get off at Hanshin Main Line Mikage Station or Hankyu Kobe Line Rokko Station and take the Kobe City Bus No. 16 bound for Rokko Cable Shita.

rokko cable car

2.Ride to the end of the line and then take the Rokko Cable Car. (about 10 minutes)
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3.Get off the Rokko Cable and go to the left when you exit the station.
Let’s take the Rokko Sanjo Bus to “Rokko Snow Park.”
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How much does Rokko Snow Park cost?

Fees at Rokkosan Snow Park are as follows.

1-day ticket (on sale from 9:00 to 16:30)
Admission: Adults (junior high school students and older): 2,200 yen, children (3 years old to elementary school students): 1,100 yen

Night ticket with unlimited lift access free ticket (on sale from 16:00 to 21:30)
Admission: Adults (junior high school students and older): 2,700 yen, children (3 years old to elementary school students): 1,600 yen

Lift ticket 1 day
Fee: 1,550 yen on weekdays, 3,100 yen on weekends and holidays
*There is a flat fee for adults and children, and a fee for children from 3 years old.
*One time ticket 200 yen is also available.

The 1-day ticket requires a separate lift fee. If you want to ski or snowboard, purchase a lift ticket at the ticket office at the entrance of Rokko Snow Park or at the lift ticket office below the slope.
If you only want to use “Snowland” for snow sledding and snow play, you do not need a lift ticket.

What to wear and what to bring?

If you don’t usually do winter sports, you probably don’t have a lot of clothing with you. It’s a waste of money to buy clothes just for this purpose, isn’t it?
If that’s the case, I recommend using the rental services at Rokko Snow Park!
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They are hung on hangers so that you can choose freely. Kids’ sizes are available from 90cm.


Each rental requires a separate deposit of 1,000 yen, which will be returned upon return. Please note that if you lose your rental ticket, the deposit will not be returned!
Goggles and hats are not available for rent, but they are sold at Restaurant Alpenrose and Shop Greenleaf in the park.

Snowland- goods

Goods for playing in the snow are also available.

How to enjoy "Snowland”

“Snowland” is located at the far end. It is completely separate from the skiing and snowboarding slopes, so you can spend your time in peace.


“Snowland” is divided into two areas, one for snow sledding and the other for playing in the snow. (500 yen, warranty fee of 1,000 yen is required.)

Snowland- sori

It is a gentle hill, so it is possible to ski alone from the age of about four.
When sledding, the key is to sit slightly back from the center and keep both feet outside the sled.


It can be ridden by two people, an adult and a child, so please try it with your child. The more weight you have, the faster you can go. The weight makes it faster, and you can enjoy the feeling of speed.


In the snow play area, parents and children can be seen making snowmen and kamakura. In addition to gloves, a shovel and bucket are useful.

Is it safe for ski/snow node beginners?

Rokko Snow Park offers ski and snowboard schools that are ideal for beginners.
With instructors who have specialized knowledge, there is a school for each level, from children to adults.
Don’t worry, we have a school specifically for foreign customers!
Click here for details

What are the restaurants in Rokko Snow Park?

Finally, here are some places where you can eat.


Restaurant Alpenrose
It is located just to the right of the entrance to Rokko Snow Park. Close to the slopes, it is a convenient location for skiers and snowboarders.


They also have a mega-heap menu including the ” Rokkosan Roast Beef Bowl”, where the roast beef is made to look like Mount Rokko, recommended for those who want to eat a big meal!

rokko snow park_shop leaf

Store Greenleaf
The store “Green Leaf” next to Snowland offers takeout. The shop offers a variety of meals such as curry and rice, yakisoba, fries, pork buns, and drinks, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat while playing in the snow.


Snowman Restaurant
It is far from the skiing and snowboarding slopes, but close to Snowland, so it is a good place to take a break and have a relaxing meal.


There is a cute curry with the image of a snowman and a children’s lunch.

Services for Muslim Travelers


A “Prayer Room” for Muslims is located next to the entrance of Rokko Snow Park.
Available from 9:00 to 21:00, there are two separate rooms for men and women.
This room can be used freely even by non-users of Rokko Snow Park.


Restaurant Alpenrose also sells a “Halal Food” menu for Muslim tourists visiting Japan. The menu says “NON PORK” and “NON ALCOHOL”.

rokki snow park

What did you think? Once you have done your research, go to Mt. Rokko!
Have a fun holiday in the snow with your children.



4512-98, Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo


Take the Kobe City Bus from Hanshin Main Line Mikage Station and get off at the Rokko Cable Shita stop. Ride the Rokko Cable Car to the top.



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