Colorful masking tapes fill the store! “mt lab. osaka”


Masking tape has become a standard item in stationery and general merchandise stores. Various designs are available, from simple ones to those with cute illustrations.
Here we introduce a masking tape specialty store in Nakatsu, Osaka.


Located on a corner lot along the railroad tracks near Hankyu Nakatsu Station, “mt lab. Osaka” catches the eye even from outside the glass doors.
It is a specialty store specializing in masking tape.


“mt”, manufactured and sold by Kamoi Kakoshi, a masking tape manufacturer celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, is a pioneering brand that sparked the masking tape boom.

Since its launch in 2007, it has quickly become very popular in Japan and abroad for its wide variety and ease of use.

Starting with 20 traditional Japanese colors, the company has created more than 1,000 color patterns, including traditional patterns called “Wamon” and collaborations with unique artists.


There are only two directly managed stores, one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka. The wall of the store is packed with more than 700 kinds of masking tapes! A variety of colors and patterns. The sheer variety is breathtaking! In addition to regular products, you can also find new ideas and trial products that are not available at other stores or events, which is unique to the concept of Labo = laboratory.


Pull out the clear showcase and select the color pattern you are interested in.


This is a sample of pasting. There are unique patterns collaborated with different industries, such as the candy series that became popular through limited sales and became a standard item. Just looking at them makes you excited.


Be sure to check out the “measuring sales” available only at directly managed stores.

The number on the box is the width of the tape, with the thinnest being 3 mm. Even if you don’t see the size here, they will cut it to your desired width in 1mm increments for those that are 3mm or wider! Moreover, they will cut it to match the desired color or pattern so that the desired part of the color or pattern appears, which makes us very happy! Incidentally, there are always five types of this measured tape for sale, and they change about every three months.


This is the mini-gallery. The theme of the exhibition changes about every three months, and at the time of our visit, the “Industrial Tape Box Exhibition” was being held. The main attraction was the industrial cardboard boxes used for shipping products, which are rarely seen in everyday life. The use of vivid colors, unique names and characters, and other unexpected and interesting features draw you in.


The display shelves in the foreground are lined with products that are only available for a limited time.
Attached to the side is masking tape with a glass warning.


Masking tape printed with patterns from the industrial packaging exhibited in the mini-gallery. Available for limited sale in conjunction with the exhibition.


Unique to Japan, masking tape made of Japanese paper is flexible, strong, and comfortable to use, with adhesive strength and no adhesive residue when removed. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as decorating and wrapping sundries, as a memo pad, and for redecorating a room.


We asked the store staff and picked up three popular patterns!
The rightmost one, “Sakura,” is a long seller and popular regardless of the season. It is a beautiful Japanese pattern with a delicate cherry blossom pattern on thin, translucent tape.
The middle one, “Color Pencil Border,” is elegant and casual with colorful thin borders.
The “Ruler” on the left has a realistic memory printed on it and can be used as a measuring tape.
The tape can be torn off by hand and easily peeled off, making it easy to apply and peel off! It is a very convenient and nice idea.


Just by applying it to a plain white envelope in an appropriate manner, it looked at once as if cherry blossoms had bloomed! Since it is made of thin and smooth Japanese paper, it can be easily torn off by hand and adheres with just the right amount of glue to softly match the item to which it is attached. Moreover, when you peel it off, it peels off without tearing in the middle. This kind of usage is standard.


I put it on a vinyl umbrella handle. A rainbow appeared! Now you can easily recognize it as your umbrella. I can’t wait for the rainy days! Masking tape is flexible and strong, so I was able to apply it beautifully even on a non-planar surface.


You can always flop a “ruler” on your notebook that you use all the time. It is super convenient when you want to measure the size of small items without having to prepare a real ruler. It will be used for anything.


It is very easy to use as a substitute for tape or for arranging small items. Even if your sense of taste is not so subtle, or if you have an idea, just put it on this and that… it will look very nice!


This wide and adhesive tape is made for packing.
The pattern is fashionable with its colorful masking tape pattern!


Ordinary cardboard boxes are instantly upgraded to a beautiful new look.


The “mt” brand also offers a wide variety of masking tapes with different base materials and shapes to suit the location and function of the tape. There are items for interior use that can be applied not only to walls but also to furniture and glass, as well as anti-mite, anti-condensation, and anti-mold tapes that make use of the technology cultivated since the company’s founding! Recently, the company has been making efforts to keep up with the times by commercializing waste materials generated in the manufacturing process.


Aiming to develop masking tapes that can be “seen, touched, and felt with all five senses,” the company continues to pursue the possibilities of masking tapes by taking on the challenge of new processing technologies.


Because the store is directly managed by the manufacturer, there is a wide selection of products to choose from, and you can’t help but get lost and confused when trying to pick out a few items. The shop is also reasonably priced, so it is a great place to buy for adults as well! They will surely be appreciated as gifts or souvenirs.


Once you visit “mt lab. Osaka”, you will be hooked on the charm of “mt” masking tape. We hope you will visit!



3-6-21, Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka [MAP]

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