One of the largest athletic facilities in Japan Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA Report!


Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA, created in 2021, is one of the largest athletic facilities in Japan, offering 164 athletic points on a vast site of approximately 230,000 square meters. The highlight of the event is the athletic activity supervised by the popular video creator Fischer’s!
Please refer to the detailed information below for your visit.

Access to Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA

If you take the train, Hanshin Main Line Mikage Station or Hankyu Kobe Line Rokko Station are the nearest stations. From each station, take the Kobe City Bus, Rokko Cable Car, or Rokko Sanjo Bus.

1 Get off at Hanshin Main Line Mikage Station or Hankyu Kobe Line Rokko Station and take the Kobe City Bus No. 16 bound for Rokko Cable Shita.

2 Ride to the end of the line and then take the Rokko Cable Car. (about 10 minutes)
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3 Get off the Rokko Cable and go to the left when you exit the station.
Let’s take the Rokko Sanjo Bus to “Athletic Park mae”
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Now it's time to go to Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA!

GREENIA _entrance

“Mountains, sky, and water. An adventure kingdom where everything is a stage” is the theme of this athletic facility, which is set on land, in the air, and on the water. The fees are as follows.

〇Unlimited play in 5 areas with up to 125 athletic points
Adult: 3,000 yen
Student discount: 2,500 yen (student ID required)
Elementary school student: 2,000 yen
4-6 years old: 1,500 yen
0-3 years old: Free

There is also a special “Rokkosan Athletic Coupon” that includes admission to the Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA and a train ticket.
For more information, click here.
→Hankyu version←
→Hanshin version←

What to wear and bring?

Because of the athletic nature of the course, comfortable clothing and athletic shoes are a must. A small backpack or waist pouch is recommended. Also, bring a towel and water.
Since there are many athletic activities that require the use of hands, such as untei, rope, etc., it would be better to have military gloves.
Also, since the Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA is located on the mountain, be sure to take all possible measures to protect yourself from sunburn.
A change of clothes is also required for those who want to enjoy dynamic water athletics.

Three areas supervised by Fishers.


〇Variety athletic yahhoy
〇Water athletic wonder amembo
〇Muscle Athletic de kairiki
It will vary depending on the area and the approach, but each area should take about one hour. If you want to conquer all of them, or if you want to experience your favorites over and over again, we recommend that you go first thing in the morning, as there are no nighttime activities.
All athletic activities are leveled, and there are four levels in total.
Level 1 Easy: Recommended for preschoolers!
Level 2 Usually: Challenges from elementary school students are OK!
Level 3 Difficult: For adults and people with physical strength!
Level 4 Very difficult: Be careful even for adults!
Please note that some areas have height restrictions.

Variety athletic yahhoy


Yahhoy has many athletic activities with a strong game element. With 30 points of interest, the most photo-worthy athletics are in this area.
Another feature of this area is that many of the difficulty levels are easy. People who are not confident in their physical strength and children will have the most fun in this area.


Gorogoro drum migration Lv2
Walk well on the rolling drum!

GREENIA_super pipe slider

Super pipe slider Lv4
Let’s swing our bodies and swing our arm strength to advance.


Dive into the game Lv2
Dive into the world of the chase between the thief and the policeman, the best photo spot in GREENIA.


At the top of the sled cover Lv4
The warped wall is taller than the height of an adult. There are large and small 3.6m and 2.6m walls.

GREENIA_double ball slider

Double ball slider Lv2
A slider that rides on a ball.


Climb up Lv1
Climb to the top of the bouldering with colorful holds.

Muscle Athletic de kairiki

GREENIA_de kairiki

de kairiki offers a variety of athletic activities that require muscle and arm strength. 20 points, many of which are difficult.


Climb the spiral staircase Lv2
Climb the spiral staircase.

GREENIA_kurukuru ball

Cross the ball Lv1
Balls that spin around when ridden.


Stilts floating in the air Lv3
Stilts in the air, how to move them?


Crossing the wobbly scaffolding Lv1
The foothold is swaying unsteadily. If you turn your head to the side, it looks like a swing.


At the top of a big fort Lv4
A wooden fort overlooking the park; at Lv4, use the rope in the center to climb (climbing only).


Super ring action Lv4
Arm strength athleticism that requires different movements on the left and right sides.

Water athletic wonder amembo

GREENIA_wonder amembo

Wonder amenbo is an athletic facility built on water. Be careful not to fall into the pond, but don’t worry, there are detours available.
Due to age and height restrictions, this area is not open to elementary school students and those under 110 cm.

GREENIA_super spider

Transparent! Super Spider Walk Lv4
This is an athletic activity in which visitors move with their arms and legs against the wall on either side. The level of difficulty is one of the top five most difficult in the park.

GREENIA_yurayura (1)

An infinite ring that sways Lv2
Let’s cross the countless rings suspended in the air.


Giant net wall Lv2
Numerous clear routes exist on the large net wall.


Puka Puka Island Lv3
Let’s cross the unstable little island.


Before the raft sinks Lv3
Rafts that sink when you get on them take you to the other side of the river. Cross quickly.


Water tightrope walking Lv3
Tightrope walking on a rope affixed above the water.

GREENIA_super jump

Run! Super jump Lv4
Run through the scaffolds that appear alternately on the left and right.

There are many athletic facilities in addition to the ones we have introduced. There are many that require power and agility, and there are many points of interest, so it would be quite difficult to visit them all in one day. If you want to enjoy yourself without any difficulty, we recommend that you visit the area more than once.

GREENIA_wonder yamambo1

Rokkosan Athletic Park GREENIA opened for the 2022 season on March 19. From this season, the secret forest athletic “wonder yamambo” supervised by Fishers has been newly renewed!
Wonder yamambo area has a total of 40 points. The area is geared for little ones on level 1 or 2, so it’s sure to be fun for the whole family!

The temperature on Mt. Rokko is said to be about 5 degrees lower than that of the city, making it comfortable not only in spring and fall, but also in summer.
Please enjoy an active holiday in the vast nature.



4512-98, Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo


Take the Kobe City Bus from Hanshin Main Line Mikage Station
and get off at the Rokko Cable Shita stop.
Ride the Rokko Cable Car to the top.
Take the Rokko Sanjo Bus and get off at the Athletic Park mae stop.



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