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Arima Onsen Taikou-no-yu Package Tickets
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Hankyu Ver.¥2,850
Hanshin Ver.¥2,650

Enjoy Arima Onsen, Japan‘oldest celebrated spa! Great value packages, including admission for a rich range of bathing at Taikou-no-yu, along with rail access to Arima Onsen!
Choose between Hankyu Ver. and Hanshin Ver.! Unlimited one-day passes on either railway.

*Sales of this pass are limited to non-Japanese tourists. Purchase requires presentation of a passport stamped with a short-stay tourist visa.
*If you purchase tickets online, you will need to exchange the 2D code for an actual ticket.
●Exchange location
[Hankyu Ver.]
Hankyu Tourist Center, OSAKA-UMEDA
HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO-KAWARAMACHI
[Hanshin Ver.]
Hankyu Tourist Center, OSAKA-UMEDA
*One pass per customer limit.
*During the validity period, you can travel an unlimited number of times within the specified travel zones for one day of your choice. Limited to one person.
*No refunds on purchases of this pass.

[On Sale]
April 1,2023-March 31,2024
[Valid for]
April 1,2023-April 30,2024

Not available date(Spa facility closed):
Apr. 10-11・ Jul. 3~ 4 ・ Oct. 2,2023
Jan. 9,2024

Area of valid travel

Area of valid travel
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