Roushouki is arguably one of the most popular stops in Nankinmachi (Kobe’s Chinatown) and is famous for buta-man (Chinese steamed pork buns). Throngs of customers often line up outside! A team of eight chefs prepare the fresh buns by hand. Order generously; one or two may not be enough! While you’re there, take a walk around the rest of Nankinmachi, where red lanterns adorn the sky, delicious smells fill the air, and bustling crowds of tourists and foodies move with enthusiasm from stall to stall to sample mouth-watering Chinese fare. Nankinmachi is truly a feast for all your senses. If your travels bring you here, be prepared to eat, eat, eat!



2-1-14, Motomachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo


5-minute walk from Hanshin Main Line Motomachi Station


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OSAKA 大阪 大阪 오사카 โอซาก้า KYOTO 京都 京都 교토 เกียวโต KOBE 神户 神戶 고베 โกเบ ALL 所有 京阪神 전체 ทั้งหมด

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