Enjoy “sound” in the great outdoors Rokko Musical Box Museum & Garden MORINONE


The Rokko Music Box Museum, which opened in 1994 as a museum to display and play music boxes and other automatic musical instruments, reopened in July 2021 as the Rokko Musical Box Museum & Garden MORINONE. Taking advantage of the rich natural environment that is one of the charms of Mt. Rokko, the facility has been reborn as a place where people can enjoy “sound” outdoors.
Here are some highlights where you can enjoy the changing of the seasons and beautiful sounds.

SHIKI Garden - A Walkway of Sound -


A natural garden where you can enjoy the seasonal expressions of nature of Mt. Rokko. In the garden, there are regular outdoor concerts by musicians and outdoor exhibits related to “sound”.


When you sit on a bench in the garden, the music will automatically play. Try to find your favorite bench.


When you stroke the wooden birds of various sizes, you can hear beautiful music. The music is based on nature sounds and music boxes recorded at Mt Rokko.


There are cute birdhouse-shaped music boxes in various places in the garden. When you pull the string, the sound of the music box starts to play. You can enjoy a variety of tones, from classical to modern.


About 300 kinds of flowers and plants decorate the SIKI Garden each season. The large pond in the center of the garden is a charming place with water lilies blooming in the summer.


There are also benches and chairs here and there where you can relax and enjoy the nature.


On the hammock in the garden, bask in the sunshine through the trees and listen to the whispers of birds and wind.


The “SHIKI Dome,” a transparent dome with no framework and a clear 360-degree view, is also noteworthy. You can enjoy a peaceful moment surrounded by the beauty of nature, such as plants, trees, and the sky.
This dome has a reservation plan for private use.
→Click here for details←

Mori no Cafe

mori no cafe

A forest café where you can enjoy the café menu surrounded by “sound” and a variety of SDGs-conscious menu items.

awaji onion curry

The “Awaji Onion Curry” uses onions and beef bones from Awaji Island to make the broth.

garden terrace1

You can also eat and drink on the terrace inside the garden.

garden terrace2

You will be surrounded by various “sounds of the forest,” such as the sound of wind, murmuring water, and birdsong.
Have a relaxing time at the terrace of your choice!

Kids Space & Book Cafe


In May 2022, a “Kids Space” with playground equipment and musical instruments and a “Book Café” where visitors can relax and enjoy reading in nature were established in the SIKI Garden, the courtyard of the Rokko Musical Box Museum & Garden MORINONE.


The kids’ space is equipped with warm play equipment and musical instruments made of wood and other natural materials.


Visitors can enjoy using their whole body by jumping from log to log on the “log step,” climbing on the playground equipment, playing the “cajón,” a South American musical instrument that is played by tapping it, and the “tone tang,” a member of the xylophone family.


Recommended for little ones who want to play energetically after listening to a relaxing concert!


*Age range: preschoolers


At the Book Café, you can read any book you like, anywhere you like.


The staff has carefully selected books on gardening, the outdoors, and nature, as well as books on the history, art, and music of the era when automatic musical instruments were used.


Whether you want to swing in a hammock or sit on a bench in the warm sun, there are many great spots in the SIKI Garden. You can borrow books from the Book Café anywhere in the building, so be sure to find your favorite spot.

Concerts without performers

concert hall

At the Mori-no-ne Hall, concerts are held where you can enjoy the live sound of automated instruments.

antique music box

Enjoy the powerful live performance of a large automated musical instrument and the delicate sound of a music box, both of which were heard by people over 100 years ago.

Music box assembly experience

music box taiken menu

The museum has a music box making studio.

music box taiken

Choose your favorite song and case, and build your own music box with your own hands.


The Rokko Musical Box Museum & Garden MORINONE is a place where you can enjoy a garden surrounded by nature and a variety of sounds. Please come and spend some pleasant time away from your busy life!



4512-145, Kita Rokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo


Take the Kobe City Bus from Hanshin Main Line Mikage Station and get off at the Rokko Cable Shita stop. Ride the Rokko Cable Car to the top. Take the Rokko Sanjo Bus and get off at the Museum-mae stop.



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