Helpful Information Train Manners

Please follow the list of manners below in order to ensure a pleasant train experience for everybody.

Before boarding


Ensure your luggage doesn't get in the way

Please pay attention to your luggage to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of other people.


Don’t use your phone while walking

It's dangerous to use your phone while walking within the train station or platform.


Do not smoke inside the train or the station

Smoking is prohibited inside the train and the station.


Don’t run on the platform or rush onto the train

Rushing to board the train is dangerous as it can lead to accidents or train delays. Please ensure you have ample time to board the train.


Line up to board the train following the floor markers

In Japan, you are expected to line up to board the train. Cutting in line is extremely rude. Please find the floor markers and wait patiently in line for your train.


Make way for alighting passengers before boarding

Please wait for passengers to finish getting off the train before boarding.


Don't block passageways or stairs

Please be conscious of the flow of people around yourself. When not moving, move to a space where you don't block traffic.


Stay within the yellow lines on the platform

It’s extremely dangerous to walk too close to the train, as you may come into contact with it.

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