Osaka e-Pass 1day&HANKYU TOURIST PASS 1day

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Osaka e-Pass 1day&HANKYU TOURIST PASS 1day
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2,700yen (Limited-time novelty gift distribution)

*About the novelty gift distribution
Period: May 1, 2023 – October 31, 2023
Location: Hankyu Tourist Center, OSAKA-UMEDA

Please inform the staff at the time of exchange that you have purchased the Osaka e-Pass 1day set product.



・The “HANKYU TOURIST PASS 1day” is a rail pass enabling free travel on Hankyu railway lines recommended for sightseeing or pleasure in and around Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.

・You will need to exchange the 2D code for an actual ticket at the Hankyu Tourist Center, OSAKA-UMEDA.
・Railway pass only for foreign tourists.

(When exchanging the 2D code for an actual ticket, you must show your passport and prove that you are only in Japan for a short period of time.)

・During the validity period, you can travel an unlimited number of times within the specified travel zones for one or two days of your choice. Limited to one person.
・Pass area:All Hankyu Lines(Not valid on the Kobe Rapid Transit Railway)

[On Sale] November 1, 2022~


【Osaka e-Pass】
With a single QR code, this ticket offers free admission to more than 25 sightseeing spots in Osaka.
It’s very easy to use! Just show the QR code at the facility counter.

Click here to see the facilities available for admission.

Click here for details of Osaka e-Pass

※A separate fare to the facility is required (except for some facilities).

【HANKYU TOURIST PASS 1day】Route sections where the pass can be used

【HANKYU TOURIST PASS 1day】Route sections where the pass can be used

Coupons exclusive to pass-holders(purchasers)that can be used at facilities along railway lines.

Get terrific benefits available exclusively to HANKYU TOURIST PASS/HANSHIN TOURIST PASS-holders, such as special offer coupons which can be used for sightseeing and shopping along the Hankyu and Hanshin rail lines.

Those who purchased can check the coupon from here.


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