Our adorable Miffy are collaborating with Hankyu Railway


Hankyu Corporation will carry out a collaboration project with the beloved character “Miffy” from Wednesday, August 3, this year to Thursday, March 30, 2023. Starting with the operation of the decorative train Miffy, a stamp rally will also be held with photo spots appearing at stamp points along the line (Holding period: until November 6th (Sunday). This is a project that you can enjoy the attractions along the Hankyu railway lines with Miffy and her friends.


The decorative train “Miffy” has a limited design for the Kobe Line, Takarazuka Line, and Kyoto Line. Check out the design of the train with large drawings of Miffy along each line, such as Minoh Falls and Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, as well as the in-car stickers inside that can only be found on each line.


In addition, the combination of the original head mark in the shape of Miffy’s silhouette and the Miffy stuffed animal in uniform that can be seen from the window of the train crew room is a special specification only for this season. There is no doubt that you will want to take some photos!

miffy and Hankyu デザートプレート

In addition, collaboration food with Miffy is also available at restaurants in hotels along the line and inside a station / near station stores. The hotel gourmet with motifs of Miffy and her friends is available for a limited time until Sunday, December 11. Apart from the hotels in Osaka Umeda and Takarazuka, these collaboration foods will also be available at Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo, which is located along the railway lines.

miffy and Hankyu ドーナツセット

In addition, until November 6th (Sunday), soufflé pancakes with the image of Miffy going out and products in the original packaging will be available at the station Naka / Station Chika stores. You can enjoy cute menus that look nice, such as “POP ・ IN SWEETS (Ikumi Mama Animal Doughnuts!)” which is open for a limited time only from Tuesday, October 11 to Monday, November 7). It is perfect for souvenirs too.


Hankyu Railway has been collaborating with various characters, If you come to visit Kansai, be sure to check out the collaboration trains as well!


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